This Week's Chat With Robert Allen

Go Pokes Executive Editor Robert Allen chats with Oklahoma State fans each Wednesday night. What follows is part of the transcript from Wednesday night's chat, including his thoughts on the latest recruiting news.

RobertAllen1 joined
rmdelta1:: hi robt
RobertAllen1:: Hello.
pistolp:: There has been some speculation we may have less than 18 scollys due to some late qualifiers this year. Any updates?
rmdelta1:: robt, anything new about recruiting??
RobertAllen1:: No, they will have 18 to give, but if any of this year's class decides to gray shirt and hold out until January, if that is indeed needed, then they would count on the next class and take one of the 18 scholarships available for that class. The problem with too many qualifiers in the incoming class is that you can only bring in 25 initial scholarship players. After that they would either have to gray shirt or be cut loose and then free to go to any school that could offer them a scholaship. pistolp:: So nothing yet but it's a possibility.
RobertAllen1:: No, nothing new that I know of. I think there are four or five players that are close ranging from Jared Glover who said he would commit around Aug. 1 to players like Richetti Jones, Darnius Moore, Lennon Creer that I get the feeling will commit sometime in the next month or two to Simi Fili, who could commit anytime. I do think Fili wants his parents to see OSU and I heard he and his parents may come with the Cates for the first game.
HJayFla:: RA, Cummings weighs in @290 per roster. Full time DT now?
rmdelta1:: do we still have room for glover?? i am hearing his window of opportunity w/ us is closed??
RobertAllen1:: It depends. I have no access, nor do I ever want it to players transcipts or test scores other than to ask them. I know DeMarcus Conner is on campus and I have heard that Adrian Hamilton had a big improvement on his test score, but the Clearinghouse may have flagged it. That is what I know, which is not from any official source.
RobertAllen1:: Yes, Cummings will play primarily at DT or could be a DT or DE in a 3-man front or a DE in short yardage with a six man line.
RobertAllen1:: I haven't heard anything about Glover being dropped. I would doubt it because he is a multi position prospect, LB, TE, DE, and depending on his physical development DT.
rmdelta1:: thanks
Cowboy97:: Does the North side of BPS have a completion date in August or will they be finishing it up throughout the fall season?
RobertAllen1:: Did you hear somewhere that Glover is off the board.
RobertAllen1:: No, my understanding is that the construction crew and architect will turn it over to the University completed at least two weeks prior to the first game. It is finishing up fast.
Ohiopoke:: close do you think we are to getting a commitment or two on the Safeties that you have listed in your recent article
rmdelta1:: several posters on the bboards seem to think we are done at lbacker and richetti gets the def end spot? don't know if this is true or not, but i want glover bad. he is an okla kid and plays lots of positions
HJayFla:: How do you see the competition between Cummings and Chatham?
RobertAllen1:: I think the DB slots may be the last filled simply because none of those players seem close in talking to them. At one time I thought Broyles might commit early, but interest in him continues to grow.

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