This Week's Chat With Robert Allen

Go Pokes Executive Editor Robert Allen chats with Oklahoma State fans each week. What follows is part of the transcript from Thursday night's chat, including his thoughts on the latest recruiting news.

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okstate86:: hi ra
RobertAllen1:: Hello
82osualum:: practice is practice
rmdelta1:: against our def??
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Mikepoke1:: RA, Is Richetti Jones trying to get Terrance Toliver to come to OSU together?
82osualum:: don'tbeat around the bush man, go for it
okstate86:: mike is so subtle!
rmdelta1:: bam right between the eyes,ra?
RobertAllen1:: I think they are just friends and Tolliver came with him up to OSU. I don't think that is a serious deal, but it's always a plus when you get a guy on your campus and you never know where it will lead.
fallspoke1:: Reid has matured physically and knows the spread better.Les hope he stays healthy.
HJayFla:: RA, did K White move from LB to DB or back to RB?
RobertAllen1:: He has moved to running back for now.
rmdelta1:: can white compete w/ some of the guys we r on??
okstate86:: Any reports from summer workouts? Anyone really impressing (besides Broughten?)
RobertAllen1:: Kevin White?
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rmdelta1:: yes
RobertAllen1:: No
82osualum:: lol
rmdelta1:: walked into that one
82osualum:: yep
rmdelta1:: so for NOW white is a running back, interesting very interesting
fallspoke1:: RA,that picture of Adarius Bowman shows he is a great physical specimen.How much improvement has he shown physically since being in Glass' program?How has he done this summer in 7 on 7 workouts?
RobertAllen1:: Workouts ended today and there have been a lot of guys that have looked good, across the board on the conditioning and lifting. In the metobolics Savage, Hamilton, and Crosslin all have looked good. I think Reid has continued to improve. At WR I have really liked what I have seen from Woods, Bowman, Parks, Price in particular. Pettigrew is still looking great. On the O-line I really like the three returners and Koenig has done a great job of leading the O-line workouts pushing the veterans and teaching the rookies. He is now thinking of getting into coaching and should.
BvillePoke:: Who do you see as the starting cornerbacks for the first game?
RobertAllen1:: Bowman told me he is now 230 pounds with six percent body fat. He is running better than ever and says he is in the best condition of his life.
rmdelta1:: robt, can u confirm the scrimmage on aug 12 th is open to the public??
RobertAllen1:: Jacob Lacey and Scott Broughton

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