Cowboy Preseason Camp Notes - Day 1

It's interesting to see, but Cowboy heavyweight wrestling champ Steve Mocco got his first taste of football practice by jumping in with the third-team field goal block unit. Mocco was shading to the right side of the long snapper trying to pry open a lane for a teammate to make the block.

Most of the defensive line drills are held in the far northeast corner of the practice field so it was tough to see how the wrestling great was fairing in his first practice. Mocco, like all first year players on the squad, is off limits for media interviews. Because of his experience in dealing with the media that rule may be relaxed as it pertains to him next week.

If you want to eat like the Cowboys in their first 24 hours back in camp get ready for a hefty grocery bill. The welcome back dinner featured steak and potato with all the trimmings. Breakfast included a wide array of fruits, juices, cereals, breads, and eggs and waffles. Lunch included a full salad and sandwich bar along with baked catfish, spaghetti and meatballs, and collared greens.

Three Cowboys decided to come to camp making a fashion statement. Quarterback Bobby Reid, defensive end Victor DeGrate and wide receiver Adarius Bowman arrived sporting Mohawks. The Mohawks were not identical, but the three players did them all together. Head coach Mike Gundy said he kind of thought it looked like a discount deal.

"I don't know where that came from," Gundy said of the hair style. "It looks like someone got a 10-for-one haircut deal - pay one guy and get a bunch of guys a haricut. I don't know where that came from."

"I kind of like it," said Reid. "Only thing is there is a lot of water on my head and that water keeps getting in my eyes. My intention was to cut my hair bald, but Vic and A.D. (Bowman) talked me into cutting a Mohawk. We did it in the bathroom at Victor's house. We're going to see who wants to do it tonight."

Reid said the group was open to others who wanted to join in with the Mohawk club.

Gundy called sfety Clint Coe a "machine in rehab" and said that Coe, who tore his ACL in spring practice, is maybe a week away from being completely cleared. Gundy and Rob Glass, the team's strength and conditioning coach, have long raved about Coe's work ethic and it has proven to be infectious with the team. Coe, a former starter at Troy University, should compete for playing time in the secondary and would be a candidate to help on special teams.

The start of camp means plenty of new players and new number to learn. Below is a list of the new players in camp for the first time and their jersey numbers. Offense is wearing orange, quarterbacks green jerseys, and the defense is in white.
3 Scott Broughton, CB
5 Keith Toston, WR/DB
15 Orie Lemon, QB
16 Perrish Cox, CB
22 Dantrell Savage, RB
23 Terrance Anderson, WR/DB
28 Al'Darius Thompson, WR
37 Artrell Woods, WR/DB
42 Justin Gent, LB
46 Shane Jarka, DE
48 Zach Carter, LB
56 Myron McKinney, OL
59 Delvin James, LB
64 Hoyt Lee Byrd, DS
66 Mike Grimes, OL
69 Steve Mocco, DT
71 Trent Perkins, OL
76 Russell Okung, OL
78 Michael Booker, OL
80 DeMarcus Conner, WR
83 Elliott Goudge, PK
91 Ugo Chinasa, DE
94 Quencey Patrick, DT
98 Derek Burton, DL

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