Cowboy Preseason Camp: Day 8

STILLWATER – After dealing with blistering hot conditions in the morning practice on Thursday the conditions were more pleasant for the evening practice, especially at the end when a wind blew through causing everything not nailed down to blow around. The film crew up on the lift was ordered down by head coach Mike Gundy and shortly afterwards Gundy blew the whistle and ended practice.

It was an interesting practice with as many as 11 players either missiing part or all of practice with varying degrees of injuries. Wide receivers Jeremy Broadway (dislocated wrist) and Anthony Parks (quad) are out for awhile and will miss Saturday's scrimmage. Parks could be back next week and Broadway is out for at least three more weeks.

Running back Michael Hamilton (hamstring) participated in some drills but not in team period. While all the injuries are minor and the players should be able to participate in the scrimmage it was the offensive line and linebackers that were most disrupted. Offensive line starters David Washington at center, Noah Franklin at right guard, and Steve Denning at left guard all spent most of the practice on the stationary bikes. Linebackers Jeremy Nethon, Chris Collins, and 28-year-old former major league pitcher Delvin James also missed most of practice.

Even with the players sitting out and the makeshift first and second units Gundy felt the practice was an improvement from the heat-zapping workout earlier in the day.

"We had a nice workout today," said Gundy. "The defense and offense worked well together and took care of each other. You are always concerned about guys wrapping up and tackling but then you don't want a lot of contact out in space. Today they did a nice job of taking care of each other. There were some big plays but then the defense also forced some turnovers. Also had some sacks so it was good on both sides of the ball."

The first team offensive line still had starting tackles David Koenig on the left side and Corey Hilliard on the right side. Andrew Lawrence played left guard, senior Kurt Seifried played center, and freshman Jacob Secrest was at left guard. On defense Seb Clements, freshman Justin Gent, and freshman Patrick Lavine got additional snaps, which isn't a bad thing. The good news is most of of those players -- minus Broadway and Parks -- should be back for the scrimmage at 6 p.m. Saturday, that will be the final practice of any kind that will be open to the public.

"It's just two-a-day stuff," Gundy explained of the players sitting out. "We're going to scrimmage on Saturday so anybody that had a little tweak we just let them go through individual and not do as much team stuff. We have a lot of young players that are going to play again this year and we're finding out that younger freshmen and redshirt freshmen are going to contribute this year, so we're going to work them in practice more. Middle of the season if those guys start to pick up then we're going to have to put them in the games."

It was a very good first team period for quarterback Bobby Reid. Reid, who threw two interceptions in the morning practice, finished the period hitting 10-of-14 passing for approximately 154 yards. One of his completions was a deep slant or post to Adarius Bowman, who beat Martel Van Zant on coverage. Bowman covered the final 20 yards for a 60-yard scoring play. Reid said he feels really good about how he is progressing through the preseason.

"I feel that it is important to me to feel good, and I feel good," said Reid. "I make mistakes, everybody makes mistakes. I'm not perfect, and I'm having fun just going out and playing football. That smile is back. I'm just living life."

Tight end Brandon Pettigrew was active as he caught four passes from Reid, including a pass he tipped up and went back up and caught in traffic. Pettigrew has come a long way since last season.

"Brandon should be a good football player for us this year," said Gundy. "He's 6-5, 260 pounds and has good skills. He runs pretty well, and the good news is he is only a sophomore. I would expect him to catch 40 balls this year -- somewhere in that area."

Three running backs got the bulk of the carries in the first team period with Julius Crosslin having a 12-yard carry. Freshman Keith Toston continued to impress as the 6-1, 195-pounder used two sensational moves on a 25-yard run through the middle of the defense. Adding to the double digit run club was Calvin Roberts with a 16-yard run on a sweep play.

The defense had its highlights as defensive tackle Jeray Chatham had three sacks, two of Zac Roberts who was limited with so much youth on the second team offensive line and one of Reid. Andre Sexton broke through on a blitz and sacked Robinson.

In the second team period, which was cut short because of the rain and wind that blew in, the offense scored twice as Reid found D'Juan Woods on a sideline route 20 yards downfield and Woods cut it back across and made a couple of moves on his way to the end zone. Speaking of moves, Toston has them and he scored on a run right at the end of practice. Defensive end Nate Peterson sacked Reid during the period and freshman defensive end Shane Jarka also blew in off the edge to sack Reid on a play-action pass.

Friday's practice is expected to be light (helmets, sholder pads and shorts) with the scrimmage coming up on Saturday. The practice is scheduled for 5:45 p.m. on the grass practice fields.

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