This Week's Chat With Robert Allen

Go Pokes Executive Editor Robert Allen chats with Oklahoma State fans each week. What follows is part of the transcript from Sunday night's chat, including his thoughts on Saturday's scrimmage and the latest recruiting news.

RobertAllen1: Hello.
rmdelta1:: ra, we're r talking about creer, southernpoke thinks he is going to tenn. any comments??
82osualum:: well specifically he said the coahes think creer is going to Tenn
RobertAllen1: I think he had a very good visit to Tennessee, having been there a couple of times myself I know it is very impressive. He also wants to go to a school that is dedicated to the run. Tennessee is. I think it is Tennessee (run offense/impressive facilities) vs. OSU (closer and building impressive facilities).
RobertAllen1: I don't think the OSU coaches are as confident, but they also aren't as concerned thanks to the performance of Keith Toston. Toston gives you a potential bigtime running back in a class that you didn't think contained one.
rmdelta1:: ra, have u heard hunter has some grade issues?? how do the coaches feel about g jones??
RobertAllen1: Don't get me wrong, I think they are recruiting Creer and Darnius Moore both very hard.
RobertAllen1: Gerald Jones was at practice on Monday. I think they feel good, but Jones has made it clear he is going the distance, so Jones is likely to be the last potential commitment in the class, the cherry on top so to speak.
HJayFla:: Who is most likely to be the right guard, now?
RobertAllen1: I think if David Washington can stay healthy then Kurt Seifried would be the right guard. Seifried has worked hard, was very dedicated this summer. he has the most experience, is more mature. Mark my words the guards are a concern and Washington, Hilliard, and especially Koenig need to steer those guys through the season.

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