One-on-One With Sean Sutton - Part 1

Go Pokes had the chance to sit down and visit with Cowboy head basketball coach Sean Sutton over the weekend. The interview included topics as how his life has changed since taking over July 1, what will be the difference between a Sean Sutton-coached team and an Eddie Sutton-coached squad, and much more. We'll share parts of the interview throughout this week.

Go Pokes: How has your life changed since July 1?
Sean Sutton: I was gone so much because of recruiting ... obviously you could tell a change because ultimately I'm the one making the final decision. I'm really fortunate that I've got such an experienced staff that I work with. Those guys have all coached for a long time. They're invaluable as far as I'm concerned. I guess the thing right now since we haven't been involved in any basketball related stuff, other than recruiting, has been trying to balance the time because so many people to do something – Can you send this for charity? Can you come here? Can you come there? You try to do as many as you can because that's part of your responsibility, but at the same time my number one obligation is to our players and to our program. I'm not going to jeopardize anything there that might hurt us. It's a little bit of difference. I think I'll see more once we get back in school. A lot of it's because I was gone the entire month of July, most college coaches are, so from that standpoint it wasn't a whole lot different than the past.

Go Pokes: Have your wife Trena and your sons treated you any differently since July 1?
Sutton: Not really (laughing). They've always been very supportive and understand that in this position you're going to be gone a lot. The times you are home you treasure those moments. We've done some fun stuff. We had a chance to go to Disney World back in May.

Go Pokes: Have you duties and responsibilities changed?
Sutton: I think there will be some things that I probably have to take on that I have not in the past. One thing that probably helped me more than anything is that I had a lot of responsibilities the last four or five years, and did a lot of things that head coaches normally do. But now you're in charge of everything, and you've got to make the final decision on certain things. Just like with (the decision to dismiss) Torre Johnson. It just reached a point where something had to be done. It just wasn't working out. Ultimately I had to make that decision and make the final call. I visited with my staff and I felt like that was the right thing to do for our program, and the right thing for Torre.

Go Pokes: How weird was it to move into that office that your dad occupied the last 15 years?
Sutton: I haven't moved into it yet.

Go Pokes: When do you plan to move in?
Sutton: Probably in the next week.

Go Pokes: How awkward do you expect it to be?
Sutton: It's going to be different for sure. I think change is good but sometimes it takes a period of time to get adjusted. At first I'm sure it will seem a little weird, but I'm excited about moving in there and excited about getting going this season.

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