Cowboy Football Notebook

Oklahoma State got some nice publicity on a national scale Wednesday when USA Today newspaper featured a story on Boone Pickens and his record $165 million donation to Cowboy athleties - on the front page of the paper. Copies of USA Today were hard to find at newsstands and convenience stores in Stillwater, but Mike Gundy says the Cowboy football office staff was on top of it.

"We've already sent it out in recruiting," Gundy said quickly when asked about it.

Meaning the Cowboy office staff had already made copies and sent it out to potential recruiting prospects and those that have already verbally committed. Sending clippings out by mail is a legal correspondence by NCAA rules.

With practices closed information on injuries is limited to what Gundy reveals. As for the scrimmage on Wednesday, Gundy said the Cowboys again did well in the injury department.

"I don't think we got anybody hurt, nothing but bumps and bruises," said Gundy.

Gundy was asked if there is any player he is concerned about not having available for the Sept. 2 opener against Missouri State. "(Jeremy) Broadway is not going to be back," said Gundy. "It's four to six weeks. He is in some kind of mechanism."

Broadway dislocated his wrist in the Cowboys third practice of camp. The Cowboys do expect wide receiver Anthony Parks to return to practice later this week or by next week after suffering a quad injury that he is rehabbing. All other players are suiting up and a bonus in Wednesday's scrimmage was the return of free safety Clint Coe, just four and half months after undergoing ACL repair surgery.

"I think he was out there today," Gundy said of Coe. "He's cleared to do everything now. He's a pretty unusual kid and we'll see how he does the next 10-13 days. From what I understand they are saying he can go."

During last season's camp the Cowboys spent a lot of time on buses driving back and forth from Ponca City to practice at their high school stadium on the turf. Boone Pickens Stadium was not available as the turf was being installed on it, so when it rained in order to preserve the grass practice field it was off to Ponca City. When Mike Gundy gathered the squad on Tuesday to announce to trip to the movie some players weren't sure where Gundy said they were going.

"I actually thought he said you have 20 minutes to get on the bus and I thought we were going to Ponca City," said Donovan Woods. "Because all the guys that were up there and I didn't actually hear what he said, but I knew it had to be something good. I was trying to figure out what was going on. I was real beat up and real tired and we didn't get a lot of time off before we were right back out there. I was just preparing my mind to grind out the practice."

"That's the same thing I thought," said linebacker Rodrick Johnson. "I was thinking because of the rain that the buses were going to Ponca City. So when I figured it out, I was shocked with the decision. I was real happy Coach Gundy made that decision because the guys were pretty sore. We needed that to get our feet underneath us and we came out and had a good scrimmage today."

Gundy thought that some players would use the time in the cool theater to catch a nap, but from Woods and Johnson said it would seem the players may have been wide awake.

"I watched the movie," said Rodrick Johnson. "I'm a big Will Ferrel fan. I love all his movies. It was real funny to me."

"I watched the movie because Will Ferrell is an hilarious guy," said Woods. "He's one of Rashaun's (brother and former Cowboy receiving great) favorite comedians by the way."

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