One-on-One With Sean Sutton - Part 3

Go Pokes had the chance to sit down and visit with Cowboy head basketball coach Sean Sutton in the last few days. The interview included topics as how much he's looking forward to his first season as a head coach, which Cowboys had good summers, and more. This is the third and final installment from that interview.

Go Pokes: How much are you looking forward to this season and putting last season behind you?
Sutton: I think we're all excited. Last year was such a disappointment after what had occurred the two years before – in those two seasons, winning 57 games and winning three of the four Big 12 championships, (and) both those teams arguably had a chance to win the national championship. We figured it would be a challenging year when you lose that many players – six great seniors who had played so well together – and then we lose arguably our two most talented recruits. Gerald (Green) is in the NBA and (Keith) Brumbaugh has a chance to play in the NBA. You take those two out of the equation and we knew it was going to be a real challenge to get back to the NCAA Tournament. Obviously we wanted to keep that streak alive of nine in a row with that team last year. It was disappointing because of all the opportunities that were missed, opportunities to win some of those games that would have put us in the NCAA Tournament, but there's also an invaluable learning experience that we got put into situations late in games that are great teaching tools ... But last year's behind us as far as I'm concerned. This team, if we keep everybody healthy, has a chance to win a lot of games. We just can't afford to get anybody hurt. We only have 10 scholarship players (and) you lose one or two key guys, now you're really thing. But I'm really excited, I think the players are really excited and the staff's excited. We can't wait to get started.

Go Pokes: Which players have really improved their games and had good summers?
Sutton: Kenny Cooper has had a great summer. He's worked really hard. Jamaal Brown has had a good summer. The same for Terrel Harris. We've seen a lot of improvement in those three guys. For the most part, they all worked hard, they got stronger (and) I think each one has gotten better. (Freshman) Obi (Muonelo) has come in and worked hard, and I think he's had a good summer. We've got 10 good players and every one of those guys right now has a chance to start. A lot of times you go into a season with three or four spots already locked up, and really there's just one hanging out there. But with this year's team it's pretty wide open across the board, which is going to make it fun because I think practice will be that much more competitive. We never really had great chemistry last year and got spoiled by the two teams the two years before that. Those guys were unbelievable. If we can get that back, not get anybody hurt and they keep a really positive attitude, work as hard as they did late in the season, then we've got a chance to be a good team.

Go Pokes: Mario Boggan and JamesOn Curry have each spent part of the summer working out with John Lucas in Houston. When do you expect them back in Stillwater?
Sutton: They'll be back here by next weekend.

Go Pokes: Was that their idea? Would you rather have had them in Stillwater working out with the team or does it help them more by going to Houston?
Sutton: It was their decision. They wanted to do that. JamesOn was here for a while. Mario's been home some and been in Houston some. As long as they're working to improve and to get better I don't have a problem with it. Those guys had an opportunity to go down there and workout and get better. We'll see when they get back just how much work they put in. I've been told both of those guys have had great summers, but I don't know that because I haven't seen them.

Go Pokes: What's the latest on the schedule?
Sutton: We still need two games and the All-College is still working to find an opponent. ESPN handles that, and I know they are talking to Georgetown right now, but I don't know if that will come through or not. Then we have one more home game that we're looking to fill, and right now it could be just whoever we can get.

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