Cowboys Prep For Scrimmage

Since the OSU Cowboys reported to preseason camp there has been no break in the heat and humidity, but there have been a few breaks coming from head coach Mike Gundy. Last Sunday there was no practice, just meetings and Camp Cowboy. Tuesday there was a trip to the movie, and today the team went through drills in helmets, shoulder pads and shorts in preparing for Saturday's final major scrimmage.

In the post practice debriefing with Gundy very little was said about practice, but he talked about the focus on what is ahead Saturday with the scrimmage, which is really the final chance for adjustments to be made to the starting lineups and rotations on both sides of the ball. It's important that the coaches see what they need to see and it will be different than scrimmage number one.

"Probably not as much hitting," said Gundy. "The first scrimmage we ended up with 120 to 130 plays when you count special teams, so I would like to keep it to 80 to 90, which means 110 if we get going out there and like it. Try to settle in with the offensive line and same at linebacker."

The Cowboys are a team that looks like they have been through a physical camp as their are plenty of bumps and brusies to go around. That will entail using some young guys at certain positions and resting some veterans, something Gundy has not been opposed to doing.

One veteran looking for work is starting running back Mike Hamilton, who missed the better part of a week with a slight hamstring problem. Hamilton understands from seeing the other guys in practice that the competition is there.

"It just depends on who is in there and who works the hardest," said Hamilton. "That is what it is going to depend on. It's a big motivation because now you know your spot can be taken because we have some good running backs now –- Julius (Crosslin), Keith (Toston), Calvin (Roberts), and Dantrell (Savage), so I have to keep up my work to keep my spot."

As Gundy mentioned offensive line will be watched closely. One position where the starter is decided is center. Sophomore David Washington is much more confident going into his second season as the starter.

"Just the whole knowledge of the game right now and having that game experience under my belt, and then the whole mental aspect of the thing, I've got it down pat," said Washington. "Me and Bobby (Reid) are on the same page when we call blitzes (from the defense) and stuff. It is a whole lot better and my mind is not spinning like it was last year."

The scrimmage is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Saturday with meetings and walk throughs leading up to what amounts to the final major practice in camp. The Cowboys are scheduled for a light practice on Sunday and then will take off on Monday, the first day of classes. Tuesday begins the normal routine and the start in working toward the Sept. 2 opener with Missouri State.

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