This Week's Chat With Robert Allen

Go Pokes Executive Editor Robert Allen chats with Oklahoma State fans each week. What follows is part of the transcript from Sunday night's chat, including his thoughts on Saturday's scrimmage and the latest recruiting news.

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82osualum:: hi RA
RobertAllen1:: Hello
rmdelta1:: hi robt.
rmdelta1:: how bout an injury report??
82osualum:: do oyu get to see any extra pracices b/cof your tv thing?
82osualum:: time I mean
missionary:: Any news about walk-ons since classes will start tomorrow?
rmdelta1:: how bout a recruting update??
RobertAllen1:: What I wrote on the message board is 100 percent true, as of right now the only player that it appears will miss the opening game because of injjury is Jeremy Broadway. Now it was a brutal and physical camp especially the past week and there were players that had bumps and bruises that caused them to miss workouts.
rmdelta1:: when will broadway be back??
1slowpoke:: Is the Houston game going to be our first real test? We are hitting the Astro, then OSU game, then Texans on Sunday! Staying in the Hilton!! Anyone else going?
82osualum:: I see Gundy talk about our (lack of) depth but can you compare our depth with the Les Miles teams and also to our hayday in the early 80's
HJayFla:: Who is the third guard and third OT?
RobertAllen1:: No, I dont get to see if because of any tv things, but Mike graciously allows Dave Hunziker, John Holcomb, and myself, the OSU Cowboy radio team to watch practice under the conditions that we don't report anything and use what we see strictly for the game broadcasts. It is an arrangement that is customary with most schools and NFL teams.
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RobertAllen1:: They won't practice until Tuesday, but I would guess there will be some additional walkons. They will have to go through the four day acclimitazation process, in other words work out in shorts and helmets only on Tuesday and Wednesday and then helmets and shoulder pads on Thursday and Friday and not be in full pads until game week. That makes it literally impossible for a walkon to make an impression before the first game and that is why the coaches make their decisions on who they feel they will need with the 105 man reporting roster.

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