Dress Rehearsal Rescheduled For Sunday Night

The Oklahoma State Cowboys were only out on the field long enough to warm up during their totally closed annual dress rehearsal when storms moving through Stillwater and lightning associated with it called for the Cowboys to head to the dressing room.

After a near hour wait for the slow moving storms to move off head coach Mike Gundy canceled the rest of the scripted mock game. One of the most important reasons for the dress rehearsal was already accomplished as the player had all put on their game uniforms and made sure they fit well for next Saturday's opener with Missouri State.

It was unscripted, but this time of year it is always a possibility that storms can cause a delay in a real game. Many of the situations that would have been worked on during the scripted imitation game have already been covered during previous practices and scrimmages during the preseason.

The players will finish the mock game Sunday evening, and then on Monday continue preparations for the Missouri State game. Gundy and his coordinators, along with selected players, will also meet with the media on Monday at the first weekly press conference.

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