This Week's Chat With Robert Allen

Robert Allen chats with Oklahoma State fans each week. What follows is the transcript from Sunday night's chat, including the latest on the recruitment of Lennon Creer.

RobertAllen1 joined
rmdelta1: hi ra
RobertAllen1: Hey
HJayFla:: RA, which side of the DL is Franklin working? NG or DT?
RobertAllen1:: Right now he's working at DT.
RobertAllen1:: He could actually play at either spot, but with Mocco playing inside there is more room on the depth chart at DT.
rmdelta1:: heard we had a water leak in the new club section and ruined part of the fire control system. new controller had to be airfreighted and we will be cutting it close to get a co by friday?? hear anything
RobertAllen1:: No, I hadn't heard anything on that.
Mikepoke1:: RA, are we going to under armour jerseys next year?
RobertAllen1:: No, I think Mike Gundy was considering it because he knows the founder and owner of underarmor from his days at Maryland, the guy is a former Maryland football player. However, Mike Holder has said that he is pursuing a Nike agreement for the entire athletic department. His belief is Nike is #1 with the athletes and potential recruits and for that reason OSU will stick with Nike.
82osualum:: Is it safe to assume he was nto getting it done and that is why Gundy allowed the switch because we seem to be stacked at DT
RobertAllen1:: No, I don't think that Noah had earned a starting spot obviously. I also don't think Noah was as comfortable playing offense as he is on defense. I've cited many times his dominating play in the OIl Bowl when Oklahoma beat a very good Texas team 38-7. The Texas OL was having to triple team Noah to have any chance of keeping him from wrecking the offense that night. Simply, a position switch that should in the long term help the team.
Mikepoke1:: RA, any idea of when Lennon Creer will announce his decision?
rmdelta1:: any change in creer's recrutment??
RobertAllen1:: Creer has backed off completely and I get the feeling he will go well into December and take visits, maybe go into January. As far as a change. Creer really liked his visit to Tennessee and they sold him on UT being a running school, may have even negatived OSU and other spread schools. OU also put on a big push that he could jump in and play if Peterson leaves for the NFL. Since then OSU has jumped back into what I think will be a three school race with Tenn. and OU on Creer.
rmdelta1:: robt, any word on jonathon lewis?? is he practicing??
RobertAllen1:: Yes, Lewis is practicing and will redshirt this season.
rmdelta1:: gooooooooood

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