Meet Your New Favorite Player

No doubt Cowboy fans will develop favorite players they will see Saturday night when OSU hosts Missouri State. Some fans will show up already having a favorite player like D'Juan Woods or Bobby Reid. Or it may be defensive end Victor DeGrate. Do you want to know who the next big fan favorite will be? We'll tell you first, right here, before the season even kicks off.

Redshirt freshman strong safety Andre Sexton, the Houston native from Cypress Falls High School, may have been forgotten after missing all of last season with a broken arm. But in preseason camp the former Houston Touchdown Club Defensive Player of the Year has been making up for lost time. In one scrimmage he delivered such a furious blow that it broke wide receiver Tommy Devereaux's nose. He will really knock your eyes out, almost literally. It's an aggressive style that has won over his teammates – with maybe the exception of the wide receivers.

"That's one of the favorite things I like about him is that he brings a very physical presence to our team," said teammate and starting free safety Donovan Woods.

Sexton, 6-1, and 205 pounds, says he is making up for lost time. It was tough watching last season after he had earned playing time before the injury.

"It was real disappointing going down with the injury a week before the first game," said Sexton. "Those things happen and I look at it that I had a chance to work with Coach (Rob) Glass and improve more as a player. I appreciate the game of football a lot more after having an outside view like I had last season. I can't begin to describe all the pent up emotions that I have that are waiting to get out."

He came to Oklahoma State along with high school teammate Ricky Price. Oddly enough Price is a wide receiver and after growing up and playing on the same team with Sexton for almost 10 years he knows to keep an eye out for his friend.

"Yeah, I have to look out for him because he will pop me good," said Price. "I kind of warned all the other receivers and they didn't take me seriously at first, but they do now."

"I try every chance I get in practice (to hit Price), and try and make him better," said Sexton. "He knows I can hit and I'm coming for him and he better try to get out of the way or he is going to get hit."

Defensive coordinator Vance Bedford sees a little of himself in Price. Bedford was an aggressive defensive back in college at the University of Texas and in a pro career with the Cardinals of the NFL and the Oklahoma Outlaws of the USFL. He knows what Sexton can do and said he hopes our prediction comes true.

"I hope he is a fan favorite," said Bedford. "He is a good player and one that is very coachable, but he is young. I'm looking for him to grow up fast starting Saturday night."

"He'll hit you," said Gundy. "He broke Tommy Devereaux's nose in a scrimmage in preseason camp. He'll bring it. He'll hit you and get after you a little bit. Traditionally, we've had safeties around here that would hit you. He has kind of fallen into that category. If you go back a ways to Mark Moore, Lamar McGriggs, and (Chris) Rockins, Jamie Thompson would hit you a little bit. It's nice to have a guy back out there that will strike you."

Donovan Woods said one of the mottos for the secondary this season is "picks and sticks," meaning interceptions and big hits. Woods said he knew Sexton would blow up ball carriers last preseason when Woods was quarterbacking, but now he sees those big strikes in a whole different light.

"It didn't really surprise me because we got to see a lot of him in camp last year before he hurt his wrist. I knew he was going to be pretty good," Woods explained of Sexton. "His physicality, I didn't get to see it every day before, but now I do and I get a chance to see that he is a very physical player."

Sexton begins making up for lost time Saturday. Sexton remembers one of his classmates Quinton Moore, who made one of the biggest hits of the season in the Arkansas State game when he laid out wide receiver Levi Dejohnette. Sexton is looking to make good on a promise.

"I do like to lay the wood," said Sexton. "It did hurt, but I thought, man, Quinton that was a big hit. I congratulated him for it, but all the way right up until now I've told him that I'm going to have a bigger hit than he did."

When he does, voila, there will be a new favorite player in Cowboy country.


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