Hoops Recruiting: Adams Makes First Visit

Martavius Adams, one of the nation's top 100 high school basketball prospects (ranked No. 87 in the nation), made the trip from his home in Irwinton, Ga., to Oklahoma State for his first official recruiting visit this past weekend. GoPokes.com caught up with the the 6-8, 235-pound Adams shortly after he arrived home Sunday evening and visited with him about his trip to Stillwater.

GoPokes.com: How was the trip to Oklahoma State?
Adams: It was pretty good. I enjoyed it.

GoPokes.com: Can you tell me what you did and who you visited with?
Adams: I got in Friday evening and really spent most of that night hanging out with the players. I also met the president (David Schmidly), and talked to him. I went to the football game on Saturday night, and hung out with the players afterwards.

GoPokes.com: What were your thoughts on the football game?
Adams: It was good. I sat in the stands with the players. I'm not really a football fan, though.

GoPokes.com: What was the highlight of the weekend?
Adams: Probably just hanging out with the players and getting to know them.

GoPokes.com: Which players did you get to know best and spend most of your time?
Adams: I don't know their names. I just knew them by their nicknames. One was Eaton (Byron). Another one was Terrel (Harris). There was D-I (Marcus Dove), and another one named Jamaal (Brown). Then there was Gary (Flowers), the new freshman. That's who I hung out with the most.

GoPokes.com: Did you make any decisions on your trip?
Adams: No. I just enjoyed the visit.

GoPokes.com: Since it was your first official visit does it give you something to compare other schools to in the next few weeks?
Adams: Yeah, it does. It was really a pretty good trip.

GoPokes.com: What other visits will you be taking?
Adams: I'm going to Cincinnati on the 16th (of September) and then I think I go to LSU on the 23rd (of September).

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