A Conversation With Larry Fedora - Week 3

One newspaper columnist would have you believe that after Bobby Reid threw two interceptions in the first quarter against Arkansas State that the Cowboy offense dumbed down their game plan in the comeback 35-7 win. I have to confess an advantage in that we get the courtesy of meeting with the OSU coordinators in preparation for our broadcast, so we can tell an accurate story to Cowboy fans.

The correct story is nothing changed. Well, Bobby Reid did gather himself and come back to play a strong final three quarters. But the game plan wasn't dumbed, adjusted, or changed in the least.

"We really didn't change much to be honest with you," said Cowboy offensive coordinator Larry Fedora. "We just tried to take advantage of what they were giving us during the game. We didn't really adjust anything based on what happened in the first quarter. All we did was get the guys to calm down and play the way they knew they could.

"Nobody really panicked. We didn't change much. They were giving us quite a bit of the nakeds and we just took advantage of it. We didn't anticipate running that many of them, but they were good for us so we just kept going back to them," Fedora said Monday.

The hidden value in the win last Saturday was that Reid and the rest of the Oklahoma State offense jumped a hurdle that they knocked down and tripped over on numerous occassions last season. They made some mistakes, faced a deficit on the scoreboard and overcame it. They did it on the road and against an inferior opponent, and they did it emphatically.

"There is no doubt, in 20 years of coaching I have not been in a game where we didn't have mistakes," Fedora said in reference to Saturday. "What you grade them on and what you look at is how they are effected by those mistakes and how they overcome that adversity because there is going to be adversity in every game we play the rest of the way. It is their reaction to it and what took place on the sideline and what took place on the field that you look at. The way they handled the situation is the most positive thing."

Now you are looking at an opponent in Florida Atlantic that is 0-2 and has allowed 99 points in two games. The Cowboys are a heavy favorite. What does Fedora have to do to get his offense to get ready for the Owls?

"We don't change anything," said Fedora. "I know nobody likes to hear it, but we approach each week the same way and so we're not going to change our approach right now. It's been good for us. It doesn't matter who you play or where you play them

"It is a game and you only get so manyy opportunities to do this during the year. You work your rear end off 365 days and you only get a few of these opportunities. It doesn't matter who it is, you go out and do your best on every Saturday."

They certainly won't dumb it down.

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