Woods To Celebrate Anniversary Of Move

It was a year ago this week - after the second game of the 2005 season, which coincidentally was against this week's opponent Florida Atlantic - that Donovan Woods walked off the field a quarterback and returned to it the next Saturday as a safety.

"What a difference a year makes," said Woods. "I didn't know that would be the last time I would step on the field that way. I guess I am in kind of a different situation, a different position all the way around. I don't know if I can really compare. I'm just getting ready to play football."

Before you start feeling sorry for Woods, who had success in leading the Cowboys to the Alamo Bowl as a redshirt freshman quarterback, he's not down. The 6-2, 215-pounder is still working on his defensive mentality. He is fourth in the nation in fumbles forced with two, one in each of the first two games this season. He finished last season with 32 tackles and a pair of interceptions. This season he has seven tackles so far.

He has worked on looking in the mirror and seeing Donovan Woods the safety, rather than Donovan Woods the quarterback.

"There are still some things that I am uneasy about and need to work on at the position I am at now," said Woods. "I'm pleased with my progress, and I know as long as I keep playing and doing the things the coaching staff asks me to do that I will continue to get better and be where I want to be."

Woods says in some ways he likes defense better, and he is able to see the rewards in what he contributes to the team.

"My dad always tells me whatever you do have fun in it, and if it's not fun find something else," Woods said remembering some very good advice. "I'm having fun and one of the things I like about defense is you get to show some attitude, that defensive intensity thing. At quarterback everything was so cerebral and you couldn't get too high or too low. On defense it is okay to show emotion and slap a guy on the head if he makes a good play or something, and I enjoy that. I'm a different type player and I talk a lot more."

Woods will be looking at Florida Atlantic from a different side of the ball than he did a year ago on Saturday. His goal will still be the same - scoring points. The junior from Millwood High School in Oklahoma City doesn't have an interception yet this season, but on the anniversary of his position switch he couldn't find a better way to celebrate than a "pick and score" or a "scoop and score." He is capable of either, and then a group celebration in the end zone, something he never did on any of his offensive touchdowns.

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