OSU-Florida Atlantic Matchups

I'm not going to lie to you, the 28-point favorite's role seems generous to Florida Atlantic and may even be a slight to Oklahoma State. You never know how the oblong ball is going to bounce, but it would take a flood of bad bounces against the Cowboys to cause even a tight fit with Florida Atlantic.

Oklahoma State is stronger than the Owls in every matchup. So, in the interest of that we will look at areas of the Oklahoma State team that need to show marked improvement.

OSU Offensive Line
The Cowboys offensive line has not performed bad at all. In fact, based on the late decision on the actual starting line up, they have performed better than expected. The competition jumps up starting next week with Houston and then into Big 12 play. This is a key opportunity to work together and improve the cohesion of the offensive line. Expect to see the starting five in there for a long period of time for that express purpose.

OSU Passing Offense
Quarterback Bobby Reid needs to make better decisions and should have learned some lessons in the first quarter of the Arkansas State contest. The wide receivers have struggled at times with catching the ball. There have been too many drops through two games. Florida Atlantic has shown a lot of looks and a lot of coverages through their first two games, so Reid and the receivers should get a chance to read a wide variety of defenses in the game on Saturday. That is all good. The problem is that if the score is what it is likely to be, sportsmanship will keep the Cowboys from any excess throwing.

OSU Pass Defense
This covers both the linebackers, particularly on play action, and the secondary on execution of all pass coverages and keeping open receivers from being readily available to the quarterback. Florida Atlantic has progressed to running some spread and if the Cowboys can keep them behind on the scoreboard, as they should, then hopefully the Owls go to the air often. Next week looms the fast break, spread attack from Houston with Heisman Trophy candidate quarterback Kevin Kolb and the Cowboys can use as much work as possible on covering receivers.

OSU 49, Florida Atlantic 3

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