A Conversation With Larry Fedora - Week 4

The education of quarterback Bobby Reid is progressing and now the next leg takes a trip back to Reid's old stomping ground of Houston. Anyone at the Florida Atlantic win could see that Reid still had hesitation at times making decisions. The Owls threw out some different looks they hadn't shown on defense. That is to be fair to Reid.

Houston will have better talent and with the return home Reid will experience perhaps more emotion -- although Reid says he has it under control. OSU offensive coordinator Larry Fedora says stay patient. Reid is much improved, but he is still a student in the offense.

"I still think it is going to be a learning process for him as we go," Fedora said of the maturation of Reid. "I still think there are going to be some bad throws. I still think there's going to be some bad decisions and that will go all the way through. Then maybe next year or so he won't do some of those things. I think that is going to happen. I don't think there is anyway I can sit here and say he won't make a bad decision or a bad throw here or there. It is going to happen."

Each game should show improvement says Fedora. "The more decisions you make the easier it becomes and then you reach the point where you don't make bad ones anymore," added Fedora. "It becomes easy."

On defense Houston has shown to be suceptable to the run. Rice hit some big runs on the Cougars. Running successfully would also keep the clock moving and the Houston offense off the field. Fedora isn't against it. He plans on letting the Cowboys version of the "four horsemen" loose, but he also knows you don't beat good teams playing in one dimension.

"Obviously, we know they are a very good football team especially on offense," said Fedora. "They score points on everybody. We understand that could happen in this game. As far as game plan wise I'm not going to sit here and tell you we're going to run the football 60 times in this game and eat the clock up and do nothing. We are going to do what we do and try and score points."

Can the offense be that proverbial good defense in a way? "Sure it can," answered Fedora. "We do this as a team. If there are things that we can do to benefit our defense so that we are more successful as a team then we'll do it."

The new clock rules guarantee fewer plays and fewer possessions. Has Fedora come to completely understand how those rules effect his offense?

"That is hard to say because the scenarios we've been in during games, all three have been very similar," answered Fedora. "Until I get in some different situations I don't know."

He does know and believe in putting a premium on every possession. Playcallers have less opportunity to run plays to see how the defense reacts or call plays to set up other plays. You have to be careful and not waste any snaps.

"I agree with all that," Fedora said after hearing the words of another college coach. "It's effected the game more than anybody ever imagined it was going to, but you have to deal with it at least this year."

The guarantee is there will be no wasted plays on Saturday night in H-town.

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