Reid Prepares To Return Home To Houston

In all there are 22 Houston-area players that will be making the trip to their familiar stomping grounds this weekend as the Oklahoma State Cowboys head to the Bayou City to play the Houston Cougars. As Michael Murphy of the Houston Chronicle told me Wednesday the one everybody has their eye on is Cowboy quarterback and former Galena Park North Shore standout Bobby Reid.

Other players going home -- like wide receiver Ricky Price, strong safety Andre Sexton and linebacker Rodrick Johnson -- are jumping out of their skin to get back and thrill family and friends. The ticket swapping among OSU players is at an all-time high, but amid all the excitement Reid is keeping a cool head about his return.

"I'm not going to sit here and say my emotions aren't high about going home, but me being who I am and in the position that I am, I have to stay calm and collected about the situation," explained Reid. "I can't be worried about the fans while I'm back at home because once that whistle blows it is still a football game and I'm still the quarterback."

Reid has had to procure extra tickets this week just like his Houston brethren, and the other players on the squad have been very cooperative about helping out. Reid, who leads the Big 12 in passing efficiency and has accounted for 580 yards of total offense and nine touchdowns, knows there is a buzz about his return. He knows former little league and high school teammate Willie Gaston is a starting corner for the Cougars and wants to get inside his head a little. Reid knows a lot, including that he will keep his same game routine when he goes home to Houston.

"Yeah, I'm just going to stick to my regular routine," said Reid. "My mom will come see me before we start pregame meal and that will be that. I will just see whoever after the game."

What Reid doesn't completely know, but is studying up on this week, is how Houston will defend the Cowboys high-scoring offense. The Cougars will be the first 3-4 defense the Cowboys have seen this season, but watching film the Cougars look like a multiple defense that majors in a 50 front.

"It's kind of crazy to me," Reid said of the Houston defense. "They run like a 3-4 defense. That defense is not hard, but sometimes you don't know where they are coming from because they have the three down linemen and four linebackers and bring whoever. You have to do more film study and I have to have confidence in myself going down there."

Reid agrees with head coach Mike Gundy and offensive coordinator Larry Fedora that he is not the finished product, but he makes strides every week and dealing with going home is another step. Judging by how he is dealing with it, he's made some strides this week before the game kicks off.

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