Hoops Recruiting: Sutton Visits Sidorakis

Nick Sidorakis is just like any other Oklahoma State basketball fan. He wants to know how recruiting is going for OSU head coach Sean Sutton. But the 6-foot-4, 180-pound Sidorakis has a little more interest since he's currently the only verbal commitment in the Class of 2007. Sidorakis got his chance to ask Sutton about the Cowboys' future Monday when Sutton stopped by Jenks (Okla.) High School.

Sidorakis, who committed to the Cowboys in April, has been paying close attention to the Cowboys' recruiting of some of the nation's top 100 players. "I asked him how recruiting was going. He said it was going good," Sidorakis said.

Sutton spent about an hour and a half at Jenks visiting with his lone verbal commitment and watching the Trojans work out. "He said I'm looking good, and that I look a little bit bigger," said Sidorakis, who is weighing about 180 pounds. "I would be bigger than that but I had my wisdom teeth out right before school and lost about 10 pounds then."

Sidorakis was impressed that Sutton would take the time to drive from Stillwater to Jenks even though he's a firm commitment and the Cowboys have no chance of losing him to another school.

"Coach (Kyle) Keller has talked to me about it being a family atmosphere and they're living up to that," he said. "I usually hear from Coach Sutton, Coach Keller, Coach (James) Dickey or Coach (Mike) Heath, and that means a lot. I know it's a busy time for Coach Sutton with recruiting going on but he still made time to come over and watch me. That made me feel good."

Sidorakis is preparing for his senior season by working on several aspects of his game. "I'm never pleased. I'm really working on my ballhandling and my shooting off the dribble, coming off the pick. I know those are areas I really need to get better. The areas I'm working the most on are really my ballhandling and my defense."

Sidorakis knows that once Jenks begins practice on Oct. 1 any realistic chance of him getting bigger are not possible because of the constant workouts. But once basketball season finishes next spring he has a goal. "I'm going to try to gain another 15 or 20 pounds after basketball is over," he said. "I know that will really help me as I prepare for my first year at OSU."

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