OSU-Houston: Grading The Cowboys

Many of us may have got caught up in OSU's weekly destruction of lightweights to start the season. All of a sudden there were predictions of 8, 9, and even 10 wins. Houston proved that while this team is improved it has a long way to go. They are exciting, enthusiastic, and yes, better. However, Houston taught us that this team is the same one many picked to scramble for six wins.

The Cowboys can be that team, but they can't be Big 12 South champs. That is a goal for the future, and maybe the not so distant future. These grades reflect a team that still has lots of work to do.

Quarterback: A
We started with a good one. Not only did Bobby Reid hit 13 of 23 passes for 281 yards and three touchdowns with no interceptions, but he did it confidently. He zipped the ball. He scrambled around to buy time, sometimes ran and his seven carries for 85 yards led the Cowboys in rushing. Saturday in Houston Reid was the quarterback everybody wants him to be. Now, he needs to get his teammates on the same level he's climbed to.

Running Backs: C
Keith Toston had 61 yards on eight carries, 40 of it on one run in the fourth quarter. Mike Hamilton and Dantrell Savage looked like they were playing in mud. I know the holes were few and far between but these guys are better than that. There needs to be more urgency and purpose in the backs. It will help when Savage is fully healthy which should be by the Kansas State game.

Wide Receivers and Tight Ends: A
They caught balls. Adarius Bowman, D'Juan Woods and Ricky Price all had big plays. They (wide receivers and tight ends) also were the best blockers on the night.

Offensive Line: C
They did a pretty good job of pass protection for Reid, but on running plays there was very little push of the Houston defensive line. It didn't help that Houston was doing some pretty nifty run blitzing with its linebackers and playing much more aggressive.

Defensive Line: C
When they had time to rush Houston quarterback Kevin Kolb they were okay as they registered three sacks. Trouble was they need to help with the run. Cougar running back Jackie Battle was getting a full head of steam because he never got stopped or even brushed. Good effort, but need more results.

Linebackers: D
Poor guys! They were lost at times, especially the young backers. To be honest, the Houston offense was too much, too soon for this football team and especially the linebackers. In fact, they may need a remedial lesson on tackling before going to K-State in two weeks.

Secondary: D
I wish I could grade on a curve because some of the defensive backs did a nice job on various duties. They had the tip play at the end of half defended well and just missed stopping it. They still need to do some growing up.

Special Teams: C
Matt Fodge was going great and should still be leading the nation, but the Cowboys punt team gave up two returns for 50 yards. The kickoff coverage team is fabulous. There was a field goal of 40 yards missed by Jason Ricks. They did get a two-point conversion. With a punter like Fodge the cover unit needs to improve to take advantage of his boomers.

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