A Conversation With Larry Fedora - Off Week

In the Cowboys' loss at Houston the offensive numbers were still very good. Oklahoma State accumulated 446 yards of total offense and averaged 9.1 yards on every snap of the ball. A fourth quarter recovery - primarily thanks to option keeper by Bobby Reid and a 41-yard run by Keith Toston - gave OSU 169 yards rushing to go with 281 yards passing and three touchdown connections.

The only offensive numbers that were bad were one turnover, a fumble, and the fact the offense only snapped the ball 49 times. On the season the numbers are still impressive -- 40 points a game, sixth in total offense in the Big 12 and 25th in the nation at 414.8 yards a game. The Cowboys average seven yards a play, best in the Big 12.

Against Houston the pass and option were golden, but the first call in the game plan was to run the ball right at Houston. That is usually something OSU handles rather well, but not last Saturday night.

"I tell you what, it was a little bit of what they did and it was the offensive line, tight ends and running backs," said offensive coordinator Larry Fedora. "On every one when we went through to see what the breakdown was it was something different every time. It was not one guy. It wasn't the o-line that was the problem. It wasn't the tight ends that were the problem. It was a guy here one play and the guy over there on the next one, another guy on the next play, and missed a cut here on the next play. It was not one thing to pinpoint."

While Fedora admittedly loves to throw the football and is a creative offensive mind, he recognizes the need to run the football and in case he forgets head coach Mike Gundy is quick to remind him. Therefore, during the open week the plan is simple.

"We definitely have to do that and we are going back to our base stuff and fundamentals," said Fedora. "Maybe we were trying to do too many things. We'll make sure we keep it simple and come off the ball and hit people in the mouth."

The biggest difference in the positive numbers for the offense is also very simple. Talented quarterback Bobby Reid has grown up. He still isn't the finished product but he is maturing now at a rapid rate. Saturday in Houston he was a confident player that looked like he did when he was single-handedly destorying defenses across town at Galena Park North Shore High School.

"I think Bobby gave us an excellent opportunity to win the football game the other night with what he did," Fedora said proudly. "Now if you aks him he will tell you it was far from perfect. When we turned on the film he sees it was far from perfect, and he can get so much better, be more effective and be more productive even as good a game as he had. He will be. We are just chipping away at the tip of the iceberg.

"I think he has a lot of confidence," Fedroa said. "Robert, I think that just comes from experience. He is not a rookie anymore and the things that are coming at him he has seen before in practice or in other games. He knows how to handle them."

We all know the quarterback position is the most important, so it is safe to say the Cowboys are on their way. A tweak or two this week in the running game and OSU may have an offense that will give them a chance in every game the rest of the way.

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