This Week's Chat With Robert Allen

Robert Allen chats with Oklahoma State fans each week. What follows is the transcript from Wednesday night's chat.

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RobertAllen1:: Hello
rmdelta1:: hi
82osualum:: Hola
HJayFla:: Hello
DOLEZAL:: luke scott singled and tied the game for the astros in the 9th at pittsburg
1slowpoke:: RA, We played well in Houston, but everyone has given up on the POKES on the message board? Is our season over?
RobertAllen1:: Now that is appropriate 82, bet it is still pretty warm around those parts.
82osualum:: I am in Okc now
82osualum:: Unemployed butg in Okc - lol
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RobertAllen1:: Those that have given up my not want to run into Vance Bedford. Seriously, the Houston game was one I had down as a loss in the summer and then like many others got caught up in the margin of the first three games.
DOLEZAL:: come on slow not everyone and we on the board no squat anyway
RobertAllen1:: I'm glad the players haven't given up. They had a really good practice today.
HJayFla:: Have any new faces been seen working with the first team? Either side.
82osualum:: My main concern from the Houstom game is tackling
rmdelta1:: robt, how do we match up w/ ksu. can bowman and woods get open??
82osualum:: everything else I can explain to a young team but tackling should be a coaching thing
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RobertAllen1:: Also my expectations never have changed I still picked this team 6-6, and I still think they will finish 6-6 and go to a lower bowl game. I have always seen this as a bounce back season.
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RobertAllen1:: Yes, there have been a few new faces get some time working on the first team.
rmdelta1:: who?
RobertAllen1:: Yes, mine too and tackling can improve, very easily. I can tell you they have done a lot of it over the past two days and will continue the rest of the week.
hoops1551:: Is the corner from Georgia going to get a look?
82osualum:: What I do not understand on tackling is you said they work on it every practice but it was clear the basic of tackling were very poor
DOLEZAL:: Robert, I know you have said we have a good shot at Fili, is the rumor true the coaching staff is going to one of his games this weekend and if we can land him, with his commitment to his church when can we expect to see him?
RobertAllen1:: Interesting on KSU. They have a pretty good defense which matches up with OSU's pretty good offense. Obviously, OSU is needing a bounce back on defense and K-State is really struggling on offense.
1slowpoke:: Is the decision to go on 4 down the reason we lost against Houston, or was it just not meant to be for us to win on that night? I guess the QB is the difference maker for winning games.
82osualum:: we lost against Houston b/c we could not stop them
hoops1551:: Reid had a hella game against houston quarterback play was not the problem
RobertAllen1:: Tackling is a fundamental thing, it is also an instinctive thing and when you are thinking about where you should be on the field and what an offense like Houston's which stems, motions, and misdirects a lot is doing you lose your instincts. Bedford has admittted he made some poor calls and probably should have gone more simple to allow the players to react rather than think.

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