Recruiting: Gerald Jones Stars Thursday

Sometimes you get it right. Not all the time but sometimes. That's the way it is when you try to rank high school football prospects. We ranked Oklahoma City (Millwood), Okla., quarterback/athlete as the top prospect in the Midlands in SuperPrep and watching him against district rival Heritage Hall, a top 10 team in Class 2A, we felt like we hit this nail square on the head.

Jones showed extreme speed, some dipsy-do moves and a little zig zag and just flat out power in rushing for 225 yards on 17 carries, including a six-yard touchdown and other runs of 40 and 61 yards, against Heritage Hall. It is also obvious his throwing has improved as he connected on 14-of-21 passes with no interceptions for 299 yards and four touchdowns, three to his favorite receiver Tramian Swindall. It all added up to a 45-10 win for the Millwood Falcons and a 534-yard total offense output for Jones.

"We were just excited," Jones said right after the game ended. "We worked hard all week in practice because we know Heritage Hall was a good team. We weren't really worried about the TV or none of that stuff. We just treated it like a regular game. If it wasn't for my lineman making big holes I wouldn't have had the 225 rushing yards and if it wasn't for my receivers, they help me out a lot."

What is most obvious is how Jones has improved throwing the ball. Make no mistake, we think he is best suited as a college running back. Other schools like him at wide receiver or defensive back, and he is a natural for punt and kickoff return duties. However, those tight spirals going short, mid-range, and long were impressive from the 6-0, 190-pounder.

"You know I get that a lot too and last year I dropped back a lot and I ran a lot," explained Jones. "I watched a lot of film and I knew a lot of people were going to put a lot of people in the box to stop the run, so all summer we threw. We threw every day -- 150 passes every day. Timing routes, timing routes, and I just got the hang of it and now it's just like practice. I do the same in games that I do in practice."

The recruiting attention is only intensifying for this tremendous athlete. We think he may be one of the best or most gifted players we've seen in maybe five years in Oklahoma, and so do a lot of colleges.

"They (letters) come in so many at a time," Jones said of the mail carrier's load. "They come to the school and to my grandma's at once, so that is like 20 letters a day. I don't open them. I give them to my mom, and she's even got tired of opening them."

Coaches, media and fans all want to know where Jones is leaning. The truth he says is, he isn't ready to say. He's still trying to evaluate schools.

"Right now I'm trying to set up official visits and trying to find out about these colleges and what I like and dislike," said Jones. "No doubt, it's tough. I have three (visits set). I have Tennessee on Nov. 5. Virginia Tech is supposed to be calling me for the 21st of October, and my mom really liked Texas Tech. She wants to go to Texas Tech so we are going to Texas Tech on the 28th (Oct.). It's tough for the last two because you have Notre Dame, you've got Nebraska, Florida, Florida State. You've got all them and it's tough."

Jones said he also is considering OSU and OU, but probably will not visit either school officially. He also reinterates that he is very undecided.

"Everybody is equaling out," he said. "It's kind of an up and down scale from who is recruiting the best. Sometimes it was OSU and then sometimes it was Texas Tech. Then it was Nebraska and then Florida, so it is going up and down. I just had to make everybody equal until I find out about all the schools."

They have had no trouble finding out about Gerald Jones, and neither have we.

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