Cowboy Football Notes: Catch Or No Catch?

OSU head coach Mike Gundy was asked Monday why he didn't call a timeout on a 31-yard completion that appeared to have skipped into the Wildcat receivers hands late in the fourth quarter, which would have allowed replay officials time more time to review the play. Two plays later Leon Patton scored to pull KSU within 27-24.

Cowboy Radio Network sideline reporter Robert Allen had an excellent view of the play since it happened right in front of him, and he told Cowboy listeners that the pass bounced before being caught.

"I'm shielded from it," Gundy said Monday. "They made a call that it was a catch, and they review it. I'm not going to use another timeout, and you couldn't see it from way up there. There's no way. We thought (it bounced) but they called it a completion. In between the plays those plays are still reviewed upstairs. So two people obviously said it was a catch. I don't have a good view (and) there's no replay on the board. I'm not going to burn another timeout for that. Plus, we should have tackled him in the first place."

Gundy said the OSU game film also was inconclusive. "From the view I saw I couldn't tell because the angle we get on our video is way too high," he said.

D'Juan Woods Struggles
D'Juan Woods, a second-team All-Big 12 selection the past two seasons, is going to have to come on strong the second half of the season to again receive all-conference recognition. Woods has just 10 catches for 186 yards and three touchdowns in five games, after leading the team with 56 receptions for 879 yards and eight TDs in 2005. Woods has uncharacteristically of him dropped several passes, including a drop on a third-and-six play late against Kansas State.

Gundy jokingly said the Cowboy coaching staff was going to use the "bull in the ring drill" with Woods in which a player is stationed in the middle of a circle and he takes on his teammates one after another. In a more serious tone, Gundy said that he believes in his senior receiver.

"He had some drops in the first game, played pretty well beyond that, and then had a big drop up there (in Manhattan) on the third-and-six. (The) blitz comes, Bobby (Reid) sees it, hits him on the slant, and he's probably going to score if he catches it. He dropped the ball," Gundy said.

"I'm still glad he's on my team. He made some nice catches in Houston, and I'm looking forward to him making some nice catches in Lawrence. Let me say this about D'Juan, nobody is putting more heat on himself than him."

No Special Teams Changes
Gundy said there won't be any major changes to the special teams following last week's performance against Kansas State in which the Wildcats scored 14 of their 31 points on a blocked punt and a 95-yard kickoff return.

"No, and here's why. The players we have in there are the best players we think for the schemes that we have. We look at things, and make decisions (after asking) were we sound? Is it too much (for the players to handle)? Did he not understand? Did we not get the block? Why did this happen? And then we come to the conclusion the guys are giving effort. Did we made a mistake? Yeah, it was a big mistake, but it's not a situation where we push him aside and put a new guy in because he's probably the best guy because he was in there anyway."

Gundy's Bad Call
Gundy said that he made a mistake late when the Cowboys face third-and-three from their own 17-yard line with less than two minutes to play. A first down allows the Cowboys to run out the clock and leave Manhattan with a 27-24 victory. But Dantrell Savage was dropped for a 5-yard loss and the Cowboys were forced to punt, allowing Kansas State to drive for the winning touchdown.

"It was a poor call on our part, and a good call on their part. I actually made the call too," Gundy said. "I did make that call. I had a gut feeling. It was a bad call."

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