Recruiting: Jones Keeps An Eye On Cowboys

All-American Gerald Jones of Millwood High School in Oklahoma City had a fairly easy night of work on Friday as the Falcons whipped Bethel 50-0 for their Homecoming. Jones threw touchdown passes of 20 yards to Dontae Newton and four yards to Tramain Swindall. Jones also scored himself on a 34-yard run and then, along with most of the Millwood starters, took the rest of the night off.

That All-American tag has a nice ring to it as Jones was recently selected for the U.S. Army All-American Game in San Antonio, Texas, in January. Jones said he wasn't anticipating it.

"I never really thought about it," Jones said when asked about the announcement made at Millwood last week. "I never really thought about the State (All State) game in Oklahoma City. It is a privilege to be in this position. To be picked to play in the U.S. Army Game is a blessing."

There are a number of schools that would like the blessing of having Jones chose them for his college football and academic home. This guy is not only an All-American talent on the football field, but it has been lost on many folks that he is also a very good student, having made nearly all straight A's.

Lately, Jones has jumbled up his college leaders and even said he really doesn't have any. Pressed by a television station last week he listed Florida, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, and either Oklahoma or Texas Tech. That five is pretty solid with Oklahoma State also in there. Jones said he thinks a recently postponed visit to Virginia Tech will now come off in mid November. He also has visits coming up to Texas Tech (Oct. 21) and Tennessee (Nov. 5).

He said he will visit Oklahoma and Oklahoma State on unofficial visits and said he wants to try and make a game.

"I was supposed to go to the OU-Iowa State game on Saturday, but I couldn't find a ride," said Jones. "I used to go to OU games and last year I went to a lot of OSU games. I want to make one of each if I can. This might be the week to go to OSU with them playing Texas A&M and Homecoming and everything."

The bottom line for now is Jones is having loads of fun on the football field and off. He is now unquestioned as the top prospect in the state. He knows both the in-state schools want him badly and he can take his pick of about 30 to 40 major football programs out of state. This recruiting competition won't be over until January at the earliest and February 1 at the latest.

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