A Conversation With Larry Fedora - Week 8

STILLWATER - Cowboys offensive coordinator Larry Fedora wasn't surprised completely because he had more information to go on. But he admits there was no certainty on Saturday night that backup quarterback Zac Robinson was going to move the OSU offense up and down the field like he did.

"You never know 100 percent, but I had a good feeling about the kid through two-a-days and through camp that he handles the offense well," Fedora said of Robinson. "You're right in that you never know until you get him out there and see what happens, but you're right we do feel comfortable about him."

Now with Bobby Reid back this week, and the coaching staff including head coach Mike Gundy expecting him to play, will there be any change in Reid? He only missed three quarters of action, but any change in routine for an athlete can sometimes impact their play. Fedora said he doesn't think that will happen with Reid.

"One, Bobby has had to deal with it now for a couple of times, so I think he knows how to deal with it," Fedora said of Reid's expected return. "I really don't think he'll have a problem with it. He'll prepare to the best of his ability and he'll be ready to go Saturday."

Now how about this stat -- in Big 12 play the Cowboys have scored nine points in the first half of their three games and 93 points in the second half of those games. How does that happen?

"If I knew the answer we wouldn't be doing it," Fedora said. "I can't explain it. I wish I could tell you we go in there and sprinkle magic dust on them at halftime but we don't. My halftime speech is basically the same thing. We go in there and make some adjustments and tell them what we are going to do. I don't know what the reasons are."

Halftime is an easier time to get everyone together and adjust to what the opposing defense is doing.

"You have more time and you are together as a staff," explained Fedora. "When we get in there we talk about what is good in the running game and what we can do in the running game. We make adjustments, tell the players, and go."

Nebraska, guess what, represents the toughest test yet for the Cowboys offense which is number two in the league in scoring offense (37.4 points per game) and number one in the Big 12 in total offense (421.7 yards).

"It seems like we say that every week because each week it has gotten tougher and tougher," said Fedora. "I had a lot of respect for A&M's defense going into that game, but I felt confident that we could do some things and move the ball against them. I have a lot of respect for what Nebraska has done defensively. We are still going to expect the offense to move the ball and put some points on the board."

The Nebraska defensive front has been especailly good this season, and for good reason, said Fedora.

"Watching them obviously they have a lot of experienced guys over there," said Fedora. "A lot of them are three-year lettermen. They are big and they run extremely well. They play hard. They are proud of the way those guys play because they fly around on film. Just watching the Texas game I think they caused three fumbles that Texas was able to recover. They blitz more and they have some different types of blitzes than we've seen because they run zero coverage quite a bit."

Nebraska, like most teams uses several coverages, and the Cornhuskers are in cover six and cover four the most. However, when they blitz they do show a lot of cover zero with no free safety and manned up on the corners and across. Man coverage is something OSU with the likes of Adarius Bowman and D'Juan Woods has seen very little of.

"I think big plays," said Fedora. "That's the way I think and that's the way we train our guys that if a team is going to play zero coverage the only way to get them out if it is to make big plays on them. We are confident that we can do that."

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