OSU-Nebraska: Grading the Cowboys

We'll make this short and sweet. It is pretty easy to grade in a win like Oklahoma State's 41-29 conquest of 20th-ranked Nebraska.

Quarterback: A
Bobby Reid had the one interception but it came on a tipped pass. His 56-yard scramble was a turning point in the game and his scoring passes to Keith Toston and Adarius Bowman were thrown perfect -- as was the 55-yarder to D'Juan Woods. He managed the game well.

Running Backs: A
Dantrell Savage had a fumble, but his 117 yards paced the running backs on Saturday. Keith Toston made a successful reappearance including three straight momentum building runs in a row around the right side. Michael Hamilton played well and Julius Crossline got back in the end zone.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: A
Woods and Bowman were sensational, as was Brandon Pettigrew at tight end. Six different receivers had receptions. The blocking was again excellent on the edge.

Offensive Line: A+
They flat wore down Nebraska's defensive line. At the end of the game the Huskers wanted nonthing to do with the Cowboys offensive front. There were 267 yards rushing and they only allowed two sacks for 10 yards in losses.

Defensive Line: A
Nathan Peterson, Marque Fountain, Victor DeGrate and Darnell Smith were outstanding. The inside guys made plays too, including Ryan McBean's 11-yard sack.

Linebackers: B
There was too much arm tackling early, but they got serious in the second half. Patrick Lavine on his own would get an "A" but it is a team criteria.

Defensive Backs: A
They helped with run support and limited the Huskers passing game, some of those sacks were the result of good coverage.

Special Teams: B-
A blocked extra point and more adventures with Perrish Cox were the only negatives. Matt Fodge punted well even though it hurt his average some. Bruce Redden was outstanding on kickoffs. The coverage was good and Cox had the touchdown-setting up kickoff return late in the first half.

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