Sunday Rewind: Business As Usual

The tone of head coach Mike Gundy's voice through the phone could have been very misleading. The tone and energy in his comments and answers was all business - which was no different than after the overtime loss to Texas A&M, or the explosive win over Kansas, or the late defensive collapse in the loss at Kansas State. However, this was the day after his team had knocked off 20th-ranked Nebraska.

"It's the same (in the football offices)," Gundy said opening the teleconference. "Just get ready for the next one now, I haven't seen the players. They have the day off. We've graded the tape on both sides of the ball and special teams, and now we're working on Texas."

It is that routine and focus that is the same each week that has been a major reason this football program continues to make strides and can handle the ups, downs, and rigors of a 12-game regular season in a conference where each week represents a battle. The coaching staff hands down that attitude to the players. The seniors and older players on the squad that are recognized as leaders have bought into it and they have helped to sell it to the younger players.

"Good senior leadership and a close team are why this team has continued to improve," said Gundy. "(ups and downs) are all overrated, the media perspective, it's not that way."

Gundy handed out compliments pretty much across the board with some reservations. He complimented Bobby Reid on his continued improvement, the secondary and especially the tackling of Donovan Woods, the linebackers with the heart of Patrick Lavine playing injured, Jeremy Nethon's speed, and Rodrick Johnson making more plays, but still included that all make mistakes and need to continue to get better.

Somewhat surprisingly he felt the offensive line had played better a week ago after watching them wear down Nebraska again on tape Sunday.

"They probably played better in the A&M game," Gundy said when asked if the offensive front had played their best this season in the 41-29 win over the Huskers. "Our guys (offensive line) are in good condition, play hard, enjoy each other, and enjoy playing the game of football. They are committed to persevering, pushing through no matter what they face."

The running backs, as a group, were cited for their play.

"I don't see a change there with (Mike) Hamilton, (Dantrell) Savage and (Keith) Toston," said Gundy. "We need to just keep doing what we're doing. The good thing is we have three healthy running backs."

Gundy was probably the most enthused in discussing one of the top heores of the win over the Huskers in junior defensive end Nathan Peterson.

"He's a great example," said Gundy. "He trains harder, runs harder, never idles down his motor, and he's outsized by nearly every player he goes up against sometimes by 75 pounds. He has a lot of heart."

Gundy refused to speculate on a November stretch run or bowl possibilities.

"We've got enough to deal with with the Longhorns without looking ahead," said the Cowboys head coach.

Asked about a couple of players that lamented some Saturday after the win over the Huskers about the close losses to Kansas State and Texas A&M. Gundy said looking back is something he feels is okay for his players.

"It's all right to know how improved they are as a team," he said.

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