OSU Cowboy Basketball Notes

Cowboy head coach Sean Sutton has some fun with his team on Tuesday, which was Halloween. He slipped out of practice and went to the coaches locker room where he put on a Freddy Krueger mask and hat, and then came walking back onto the court. The players did not know who it was for a few moments.

"When I started walking that gave it away," Sutton said. "They got a big laugh out of it. Later, they were like that thing was scary. It was fun. I think you've got to do that sometimes. I think you've got to have some fun with your guys. Right now I like their attitude. I think they're having fun, but they also know we're working hard."

Sutton To Meet With Jamaal Brown
Sean Sutton said that the status of point guard Jamaal Brown should be known in the next three or four days. Brown, the 5-10 senior from Chicago, has been suspended since late in the summer and has not been practicing with the team.

"He's still suspended, and that's the way it's going to be for a while. I'm going to meet with him here in the next day or two, and then a decision will be made 100 percent at that point," Sutton said when asked about Brown's status.

Starting For the Cowboys Is...
The only sure starters for Friday night's exhibition game against Pittsburg (Kans.) State as of Wednesday afternoon were JamesOn Curry, Mario Boggan and Marcus Dove, Sean Sutton said. The other two starters will come from the other five scholarship players – senior David Monds, sophomores Byron Eaton, Terrel Harris and Kenny Cooper, and freshman Obi Muonelo.

"I'm not for sure until I see what happens the next two days in practice," Sutton said. "I think you can count (Mario) Boggan starting. I think you can count on (Marcus) Dove starting. You can probably count on JamesOn Curry starting. After that, there's two spots to be won over the next two days in practice. That's the one thing that all these guys know – that when you have eight guys they all have the opportunity. They're all good. I like our players. But they all realize that if they play to their level that they can be in the starting lineup, which is not always the most important thing. I always say who's playing at the end of the game matters most because that's when the game is on the line."

Pitt State, Gene Iba Coming To Town
Gene Iba, the nephew of legendary Oklahoma State coach Henry Iba, is the head coach of the Pittsburg (Kans.) State team which the Cowboys face in Friday night's exhibition game.

"When we scheduled this game Gene wanted an opportunity to come back and play in Gallagher-Iba Arena," Sutton said. "Obviously the Iba name is maybe the recognizable name in the history of OSU athletics, and certainly one of the great names in basketball. (Mr. Iba) had so much influence over so many coaches. When you look at all the different people who are coaching today at different places I think it's over 125 now at this point that are traced back to Mr. Iba. I know his team will be well coached, and come in here very well prepared."

Sean Sutton Gives The Green Light?
Cowboy players were often caught looking to the bench at head coach Eddie Sutton after committing a mistake in recent seasons. The longtime coach wouldn't tolerate turnovers or bad shots, and would pull a player for such transgressions. Sean Sutton said Wednesday that he won't be so quick to pull a player if he commits a mistake.

"My philosophy on that is this. If they prove in practice over the course of time that they're capable of hitting a high percentage, and they earn my trust that they're going to take the right shots the majority of the time then they're going to be given a lot of freedom to shoot the ball. They're going to be given somewhat of a green light," Sean Sutton said. "I know that occasiionally they're going to take one bad shot and I can live with that, especially if they're on a roll where they make three or four in a row. My problem is if it creeps in where they are taking two or three bad shots a game. When that happens, we're not going to have that.

"One of the things we've been able to do is lead the country in field goal percentage three years ago, and two years ago we led the country in three-point shooting and I think we were in the top five in overall field goal percentage that year. Last year we shot 48 or 49 percent. Our goal is to shoot 50 percent from the field, 40 percent from the three-point line, and, as good of shooters as we have, to shoot 75 percent from the foul line."

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