OSU-Texas Matchups

Key matchups for this game are useless. In this one, especially on the road in Austin, every matchup is critical. Injuries, especially on the Texas side, are critical because as UT play-by-play voice Craig Way put it, "I've been around this program for 20 years and I've never seen as many injuries as I have this season to the Longhorns."

That is a matchup as well. Oklahoma State is the healthier team going into the game.

Another huge factor is confidence. Obviously, Texas has it coming off a national championship season but the last four games and allowing the opposition to grab the lead has to have had an impact. On the Oklahoma State side the Cowboys confidence is at a season high following the win over Nebraska.

The final factor here involves confidence. Oklahoma State will need it because at some point in the game when a crucial play has to be made those players involved have to believe that in Austin with Bevo, Big Bertha and all those Longhorn fans watching that Oklahoma State can and will win the game. If the players involved can't believe that then Texas will make the play, and they might anyway. However, if they believe then Oklahoma State will have the chance to make the play and pull off the upset of the season in the Big 12.

It will be worth watching.

OSU Wide Receivers vs. Texas Secondary
The Texas secondary is banged up. They are very talented but corner Tarell Brown (broken toe), corner Aaron Ross (wrist), and safeties Michael and Marcus Griffin both beat up the talent is not as strong. Baylor, Nebraska and especially Texas Tech took aim at the Longhorn secondary and had lots of success. The OSU wide receivers are playing well, and Adarius Bowman and D'Juan Woods are both extremely tough to handle in man coverage, which the Longhorns will use roughly 50 percent of the time. For points, and for the opportunity to run the footbal,l Oklahoma State has to win its share or more of the battles downfield and on the perimeter. D'Juan Woods blocking is also huge in winning this matchup.
Edge: OSU

OSU Offensive Line vs. Texas Defensive Front
The Cowboy offensive line doesn't miss many assignments, according to their line coach Joe Wickline. Miss one against Texas and somebody can get hurt. The Longhorns, led by defensive ends Tim Crowder and Brian Robison and defensive tackle Franklin Okam, are very good up front and for success in the run game the Cowboy blockers must also reach linebackers Robert Killebrew and Rasha Bobino. This unit is communicating well and they have built up a lot of trust in each other. The line has also adopted a nice mean streak courtesy of David Koenig and freshman newcomer Russell Okung, who also has some nasty to him. Most people would give the edge here to the Longhorns. We think the Cowboy line will surprise.
Edge: Even

OSU Defensive Front vs. Nebraska Offensive Line
This one is a mixed bag. Inside with Justin Blaylock, center Lyle Sendlein and Kasey Studdard the Horns have the advantage over Cowboy defensive tackle Ryan McBean, Larry Brown, Xavier-Lawson Kennedy and Jeray Chatham. Outside with mammoth, but less experienced tackles Texas may find the Cowboy defensive ends of Victor DeGrate, Nate Peterson, Marque Fountain and Darnell Smith giving them problems. Inside is where linebackers Rodrick Johnson and Patrick Lavine better be there for support. We project Texas will drive the middle early in the game to see how dominating they can be. Early it could look like Nebraska in the first half last week.
Edge: Texas

OSU Secondary vs. Texas Wide Receivers
We think this will be the most critical of the matchups. Limas Sweed and Quan Cosby, not to mention Billy Pittman and Jordan Shipley, can put Texas over the top with a couple of big play touchdowns in the passing game. If Texas is able to have success running the ball and OSU has to go man, a few big play passing scores will open up the flood gates enough to keep OSU from matching the Longhorns on the scoreboard. Sweed and company will make catches, but they have to be tackled and not running like it's the Texas Relays. Keep the Texas passing game somewhat under control and the game is manageable for the OSU offense.
Edge: Texas

I said it last week. If it is possible, I mean really within reason then I am not going to pick against Oklahoma State. This was one as recently as a week ago that I felt strongly was a longshot. Watching Texas on tape and seeing the Horns injury picture, along with watching close up the rapid development of the Cowboys makes me believe this is do-able. I see two teams scoring in the 30s or more. Provided OSU doesn't allow Texas a lot of big plays it will be close.
Oklahoma State 35, Texas 31

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