A Conversation With Larry Fedora - Week 10

For offensive coordinator Larry Fedora the objective this week is to go back to a week ago when the Oklahoma State offense was in sync because Saturday the Cowboys lost their rhythm. Fedora hasn't had a week like this yet. Sure, sometimes the Cowboys have been a second half offense or had a quarter where the offense didn't flow, but he hasn't had a week to prepare after the offense was shut out.

"No, I don't foresee a problem," said Fedora. "We'll go out and practice and prepare like we do every week, and we are going to get our guys back in the mode of playing well like they have before."

Monday is corrections day, and Fedora was thorough. He said every mistake got reviewed and every correction made whether it seemed relevant or not for the final three games, starting Saturday with Baylor.

"We made a lot of small mistakes in the (Texas) game that we hadn't been making going into this game," said Fedora. "That was one of the most disappointing things. We'll make all the corrections, whether it is something we may see down the road or not. It may be something that you don't know is going to come up in a game, but it's something you touch and then if it does, maybe the light comes on in the game in a situation like that."

The illegal proceedures were easily explained as the first two were on wide receivers. They have to watch the ball and be more focused. Two others on the interior line were a product of wrong snap count at the wrong time.

"We had a couple when Texas was moving to a bear front and we knew that they did that, but they did it when we were in a first sound mode," explained Fedora. "And the first sound that our linemen heard was the linebacker saying 'shift' real loud when they were expecting Bobby to say hit."

Baylor presents an interesting problem on Saturday with the Bears defensive coordinator being Bill Bradley, a former Philadelphia Eagle and teammate to Bears head coach Guy Morriss. Bradley's defenses are hard to pin down in formation or scheme.

"One thing they don't do is sit in one coverage," said Fedora. "They run multiple coverages and a lot of different type of blitzes. They run four down, three down, they do a lot of different things and it's hard to get a read on what they will do against certain looks. We will have to get a game plan together that we feel will work against all of it."

You might also count on extra reps for the offense this week as they try to get their swing back in place.

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