Sean Sutton Recruiting Q&A was one of only two media outlets (the other being the Tulsa World) to visit with Oklahoma State head coach Sean Sutton Wednesday afternoon about Junction City (Ark.) High School standout James Anderson, the 24th best prospect in the nation who signed with the Cowboys earlier in the day.

Question: How do you feel now that you've gotten the letter of intent from James Anderson?
Sean Sutton: "We're really excited. It's somebody we really felt like we had to have. He's a very gifted athlete. He is a great shooter, and has I think has tremendous feel and knowledge of the game. He's a very polished offensive player. On top of that he's a great young man. He's a perfect fit for our system. I think he felt very comfortable here. It's been a long process. I think he's one of the guys we've recruited the hardest since I've been at Oklahoma State just because I think he has a chance to make a huge impact on this program. He's versatile. He brings everything that you want in a student-athlete, from being a really good player, he's a good student and he's a good young man."

Question: How does the signing of Anderson compare with some of the other players who've signed in recent years?
Sean Sutton: "It's one of the best signs we've had. We've signed some really high-level players, and I'd put him right there among the best we've been able to recruit to Oklahoma State. I think he felt comfortable with the staff, (and) the atmosphere here. I think the fact that we have had so many wing players that have gone on to play in the NBA probably helped us a lot -- Tony Allen, Desmond Mason, Joey Graham, Stephen Graham, Melvin Sanders, all those guys are playing in the NBA, and obviously that's a goal of his. He wants to have a chance to compete for a national championship, he wants to get his degree, and he wants to have the opportunity to one day have a shot at playing in the NBA. Hopefully, all three of those things will happen."

Question: Junction City head coach Joe Hammett said today that you were probably the one coach that James saw more than any others, and that probably had a big impact on him deciding to sign with OSU. How much did you travel to Junction City?
Sean Sutton: "I was there a lot. I think I went three times in April. I was there three times this fall. I went the maximum number that the NCAA would allow. I thought it would be really important that I played a big role in his recruiting, and that he got to know me, and he got to see my face as many times as the rules allowed because we were competing against some of the best programs in the country. You're talking about (going against) Kentucky, Kansas, Florida and Arkansas, from his home state. I always felt like that it could come down to us and Arkansas because (the Razorbacks) normally they're pretty hard to beat within their state. The fact that he grew up on the Arkansas-Louisiana border, maybe he didn't have any many connections toward Arkansas. Ultimately it came down to us and Kansas. I think he liked both places, (and) he liked both staffs. I just think he was a little bit more comfortable here."

Question: When did you start recruiting him?
Sean Sutton: "The summer after his sophomore year. Two years ago. It's been a long process, but really it's been one of the most enjoyable recruiting experiences that we've had. We really enjoyed getting to know him and his family. Coach (Joe) Hammett was really helpful through this whole process. He's a stand-up guy, really has a lot of class and integrity, so we enjoyed getting to know him through this whole process of recruiting James. I think because of how well coached he will be (at Junction City) that will speed up the learning curve when he gets here. He's coming out of a system where he's well coached."

Question: When did you learn that James would be coming to OSU?
Sean Sutton: "He called me at 11:45 this morning. Obviously, I was excited and he was too."

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