Gundy: It's Business As Usual

STILLWATER - The words almost needed to be pulled out of head coach Mike Gundy's mouth on the Sunday tele-conference with the beat media. Gundy, as he normally is, was very business like in his responses even after a milestone 66-24 victory over Baylor that clinched the first bowl eligible team of his head coaching career at his alma mater.

On the subject of bowls, sources in the athletic department said that the Independence Bowl and Insight Bowl, both of which had representatives at Boone Pickens Stadium on Saturday, said that OSU is very high on each of their lists because of the exciting style of football the Cowboys play and the reputation of their fans that travel to bowl games.

The Independence Bowl officials said the Cowboys are at the top of their list. They would pit the Cowboys against an SEC team such as Alabama, Kentucky or South Carolina. A check on Sunday with representatives of the Brute Sun Bowl in El Paso, Texas, said they have their eye on the possibility of getting OSU for a date with a Pac-10 opponent, possibly Oregon State.

Back to Gundy. "It's the same around here, back at work today," said Gundy. "Special teams this morning with Joe DeForest, defense and offense."

Actually, checking the football offices after the afternoon wrestling match the coaches were hard at work, but there were a lot of smiles and a real eagerness to get at scouting and working on a game plan for Texas Tech.

The Cowboys will see an offense at Texas Tech that normally is hard to prepare for in one week. Red Raiders head coach Mike Leach runs his original spread attack, but Baylor offensive coordinator Lee Hays learned the offense from Leach and has installed a version of it at Baylor. Is that a head start for the Cowboys?

"There are similarities," Gundy said of the two offenses. "They are different schemes. In fact, in ways they are much different. There approach is not the same as what Tech does. Tech is different than Baylor, or anybody else."

Gundy was very complimentary of his offensive line which he said "pushed around" Baylor and the running backs made cuts to break runs and quarterback Bobby Reid operated well within the system.

The plaudits for the defense were even nicer.

"That was a great effort by our defensive line," said Gundy. "Like we talked about yesterday, they had great push and put their quarterback in bad situations. I thought our coverage was the best it's been, both underneath and down the field."

Gundy was asked about the Cowboys increase in penalties the last two games and one call, an illegal procedure penalty before the half that seemed to really upset him. Gundy said he wouldn't discuss conversations with officials, only that he disagreed with the call on tight end Justin Waller. The call came well before the Cowboys snapped the ball and needed to be set. He added that only proceedure and the second roughing-the-punter penalty in successive weeks really concerned him. Several pass interference penalties that were judgment calls appeared to be calls that could have easily not been made. However, Gundy did not even mention those instances.

The theme with Gundy was "business as usual" and that would not appear to be a bad thing considering the way the Cowboys handled their business against a Baylor team they were favored to beat by 16 points on Saturday. The Cowboys handled their business 26 points better than expected.

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