OSU-Texas Tech: Grading The Cowboys

This one is rough because for the first 20 minutes of the contest it looked like another week of straight-A's across the board for the Pokes. But those grades soured significantly in the second and third quarters. This is one game that will cause some players, really most of them, a real problem with being around a mirror. It will be very difficult to look into one for several days.

However, the positive with this team is they do seem to have the propensity to bounce back and they will need to in a big way for Bedlam. They are good enough to win, but must play like they did in the first quarter in Lubbock for four quarters next Saturday.

Quarterback: B-
Bobby Reid's numbers in the passing game look awful but go back and count the drops. There were a bunch including two that may have been touchdowns. On the negative side, Reid eyeballed D'Juan Woods too long on an interception and had another deflected pass picked off but the play came back on a Tech penalty. Reid also passed up a lot of yards by not tucking the ball and running. At least three times he had lots of green and few black jerseys had he chosen to run. The grade is boosted by Zac Robinson, who came in late and filled in admirably and kept the drive moving.

Running Backs: B
Dantrell Savage and Keith Toston got all out of it they could and often did a lot of it on their own. It is hard to blame them with 144 yards of production between them.

Wide Receivers and Tight Ends: D
There were too many drops. Had some of those balls been caught there is no telling what they would have led to. It really was the dropped passes that put the offense in a funk in the second quarter and helped in the third, along with poor field position.

Offensive Line: D
You have to credit Texas Tech on defense as they brought up the level of play, but the OSU offensive line needed to match up or rise above it. First downs were miserable, both with lack of running lanes for the backs and pressure on the pass rush leading to a lot of incompletions. This will be a major bounce back week for the offensive line.

Defensive Line: C
The rush was solid and Graham Harrell felt it at times, but too few finishes. Only one sack and that one really rocked Harrell out of his blue streak he was on. A couple more of those during the game and a quarterback that hates to get hit might have struggled all afternoon.

Linebackers: C-
This is not a good pass coverage group of linebackers and that is hard to grade them on. They made some plays. In fact early on Rodrick Johnson was a force, but they couldn't stay consistent.

Secondary: D
They struggled at times, Jacob Lacey is really having a tough time. Tackling off completed passes was strong early and faded during Tech's offensive run during the second and third quarters. There were also too many blown coverages, but those happen against Tech.

Special Teams: D
The punt unit helped build the lead early with the forced fumble leading to a touchdown. Jason Ricks was perfect on PAT and had the 47-yard field goal. Kickoff coverage was good. Notice how I save the best for last. Yes, I said best. Matt Fodge came in leading the nation in punting but his shank in the third quarter hurt. The kickoff return team came in leading the nation and they really threw gas on the fire with muffs, struggles and penalties. Coordinator Joe DeForest has to be going crazy. He has the best overall special teams in the Big 12 by rankings, but in each loss one area seems to self destruct.

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