Cowboy Youngsters Get Scrimmage Action

STILLWATER - Before accepting the official invitation to the Petro Sun Independence Bowl to play Alabama on Dec. 28 in Shreveport, La., the Cowboys went through a one hour, 50 minute practice. The practice included a lengthy running session in the middle of the practice because head coach Mike Gundy didn't like what he was seeing.

"They were acting like they wanted to fight," Gundy said of the players. "It (running) was good for them, and it took some of the edge off where we could get to work."

As for the scrimmage the defense seemed to have the upper hand as free safety Donovan Woods made a couple of big hits. The first one came on a running play as Woods blasted running back Dantrell Savage and put him on his back. The second came on a pass play as Woods laid out wide receiver Ricky Price with a big hit.

Another highlight for the first team secondary came on a leaping interception by cornerback Jacob Lacey. It was not surprising that the passing game suffered a little as the timing might have been off just a little after a full week off.

The younger players also got plenty of time with Alex Cate at quarterback, Artrell Woods at wide receiver, and Jacob Secrest, Noah Franklin, Michael Booker, and Trent Perkins all getting significant snaps on the offensive line. On defense a couple of young linebackers, Justin Gent and Orie Lemon, played really well in the scrimmage. Gent had a couple of big hits on tackles of running back DeAaron Martin.

"Gent did look impressive," said Gundy. "He has a really good form tackle. I'm not sure we need to mess with him. He can tackle. I like that kind of practice, just scrimmaging. I think you get better."

Bobby Reid again took all the snaps with the first-team offense and Zac Robinson quarterbacked the second team. Reid said there is no lingering problem with the split of playing time in the Oklahoma game where Reid appeared frustrated with being on the sidelines for the final offensive series in the 27-21 loss to Oklahoma.

"It was something that was on my mind, but I went in and talked to Coach Gundy," said Reid. "He said what he had to say and I said what I had to say, disagreements, agreements. you know basically it was man to man, no players, no coaches. Once the meeting was over we agreed the way it is going to be and that will be the way it is."

Reid said there was no holdover and now he is ready to get ready and go to the Independence Bowl and beat Alabama.

With the snow piled up on the side at Boone Pickens Stadium for practice this was a new experience for some of the Cowboy players like starting strong safety and Big 12 Defensive Freshman of the Year Andre Sexton of Cypress Falls in Houston.

"This was my first time to be on a football field with snow on it or ever see this much snow in my life," said Sexton. "I just never imagined anything like this. I did get to go sledding a little bit and that was fun."

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