Gundy Talks About Recruiting

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy was asked about the future of the program and was tossed several questions on recruiting during the media news conference held Friday. Obviously, Gundy cannot comment on individual recruits, which would be a violation of NCAA rules, but he did have plenty to say on recruiting in theory.

He was asked what he would tell a fan complaining as to why OSU didn't sign current Tennessee All-American wide receiver Robert Meacham, and if having Tennessee native Adarius Bowman is an example of how things work in recruiting.

"We tried like crazy to get Meacham," said Gundy. "Les was here, but you will find there aren't many players in that category (of Meacham) that we don't try to get. We miss on guys and we all do. We tried like crazy to get that guy. It was Les's fault.

"I don't think it's just Oklahoma and Texas (that have recruits playing all over the country), but I think anywhere you look and I know more about this part of the country because we recruit it, I think you'll find that everywhere," said Gundy.

"You're going to find a player that before they started limiting that would get that opportunity and now those players don't get that chance because it is all about percentages. We have to find that player that wants structure and wants discipline and wants to graduate and can play at this level and give us a chance to win. It's just recruiting. You start with 300 and then get down to a hundred and then hope to get 20 good ones in the end."

Gundy was also asked how he feels when his staff goes out and evaluates and finds a prize prospect others don't, only to see other schools notice and come rushing in to try and recruit him late.

"That's part of recruiting," said Gundy. "We feel we go out early and make evaluations, and at times if there are people that can't make a decision then we try to make a decision and say let's go with it. Then if they flip on us later, they do. I don't think there is any secret that there are a lot of schools around the country that look at recruiting lists (of other schools) and re-evaluate. If we ever have to do anything other than recruit a young man fair and honestly then he probably shouldn't have come here anyway because he ultimately may not be happy and leave."

Good questions and good answers.

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