Recruiting: Higgins Enjoying the Holidays

Defensive tackle Tyrell Higgins of Schertz (Clemens), Texas, had a great season helping led his team deep into the Class 4A playoffs in Texas and earning All-State recognition for his play. Now he is enjoying some time off to celebrate the holidays and relax a little.

We don't normally do recruiting updates from the bowl site, but last week there was an uproar over Higgins and rumors that Texas might be trying to move in on one of the Cowboys top defensive tackle commitments. We asked Higgins up front if anything has changed in his recruiting and if he was still being hit on by other schools.

"I'm pretty much just waiting," said Higgins. "Texas A&M is trying to get in but it is nothing serious. They are just still sending me letters but that's it.

"I'm taking my visit to Oklahoma State on January 12 and I am looking forward to that. Coach (Nelson) Barnes has been down here several times and we haven't talked a lot about next year because we were still playing this year. He has said where I would be playing, it's where 93 (Ryan McBean) has been. It's been very general about the future, not necessarily next year or anything."

Higgins siad he came through the season pretty healthy. "I came through pretty good," he said. "I had an ankle problem in that last game, but I played through it so it wasn't that serious.

"I'm just enjoying the winter holidays," continued Higgins. "I'm going to watch the game (Independence Bowl) on Thursday. I'm looking forward to that."

Higgins, when asked, said he did not know his final stats from this season yet, but he said he was curious and planned to ask his coach about it when he gets back to school for the spring semester. The one stat Cowboy fans are most interested in right now is his recruiting status, which he reinterated is solid Oklahoma State.

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