Independence Bowl Matchups & Prediction's Robert Allen has previewed the key matchups throughout the 2006 season, and then offered his prediction of each of Oklahoma State's 12 regular season games. Here are his thoughts leading up to Thursday's Independence Bowl showdown with Alabama, and his prediction on the outcome.

Alabama Rushing Offense vs. OSU Rushing Defense
The Tide has struggled running the ball most of the season and the Cowboys have seemed to have to warm up in games to stopping the run. I believe Bame will have some success running the ball, but not winning success. Let's say 150 yards.
Advantage: Even

Alabama Passing Offense vs. OSU Passing Defense
Bama's top receivers D.J. Hall and Kenneth Brown are quick but not big and physical. That should play well to the Cowboys secondary. The key in this matchup is the pass rush, and with Victor DeGrate at 100 percent the Cowboys have the advantage. I like DeGrate, Nate Peterson and Marque Fountain in getting to Bama quarterback John Parker Wilson.
Advantage: OSU

OSU Rushing Offense vs. Alabama Rushing Defense
Just the opposite of the reverse matchup. OSU will need to pass to loosen up the stiff Bama defense. Dantrell Savage is the perfect back to let loose on a weary defense. Quarterback Bobby Reid will have to run the ball to help the cause.
Advantage: Even

OSU Passing Offense vs. Alabama Passing Defense
Here's where the OSU offense should shine, and if Mike Gundy gets his wish, shine early. Adarius Bowman and D'Juan Woods, along with tight end Brandon Pettigrew, would figure to have big days. Big plays have been the Cowboys best friend and I expect to see a good share of them in the passing game against Alabama.
Advantage: OSU

Special Teams
The Cowboys have the advantage at kicker (Jason Ricks), punter (Matt Fodge), and both teams have had success in the return game with Oklahoma State being better there.
Advantage: OSU

Oklahoma State 28, Alabama 20

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