Cowboys' Good Behavior Rewarded

Head coach Mike Gundy infromed his team that Independence Bowl officials told him that the Oklahoma State squad was the best group they had ever dealt with. There were zero problems with any OSU player the entire week, and the players were extremely cooperative. That included nearly 60 players signing up and volunteering to go visit children in area hospitals on Tuesday afternoon.

The option for the players instead of volunteering to go visit the children was a free afternoon. The Cowboy players were enthusiastic about participating in any and all of the bowl activities. They were well spoken and polite. Gundy emphasized how important that was and reminded them that acting in a first class manner is rewarded with efforts and results like the 34-31 win over Alabama.

Game Ball is Almost Priceless
Assistant head coach Joe DeForest tracked down the ball that kicker Jason Ricks put through the uprights and after bowl officials awarded Dantrell Savage the offensive player of the game award and linebacker Jeremy Nethon the defensive player of the game award, DeForest announced that on behalf of the players and coaching staff he wanted to present the ball to head coach Mike Gundy for his first bowl win.

Gundy started an acceptance speech and then looked over and saw Boone Pickens. Gundy stopped and said that he had a lot of game balls and that the ball should go to the man that is doing the most for the OSU program right now and that was Boone Pickens. The players started chanting, "Boone, Boone." Pickens accepted the ball, but could barely speak a thank you as he was obviously overcome emotionally. You want to know what close to $300 million in contributions buys? It buys a real game ball from the Cowboys first bowl win since 2002 and a win over Alabama in the first meeting between the schools.

Bobby Reid Does the Two-Minute Double
They do practice it often, usually a couple of times a week at the end of practice, but at game speed the two-minute drill is a lot more hectic. Bobby Reid never had to worry about two-minute drills in high school as Galena Park North Shore was never really threatened and often had games sewn up before halftime.

Reid had some struggles in the win over Alabama, but you cannot complain about his exection in two-minute drills. Reid admitted he had never had to execute two-minute drills at the end of each half ever before in a real game. His work on both the touchdown drive at the end of the first half and the winning field goal at the end of the game was outstanding. That experience should pay off again next season.

Personal Dad Standpoint
You want a huge kick -- pun absolutely intended -- then watch your son from the sidelines help with a game-winning field goal for a school that your entire family (wife, parents, wife's parents, aunt, and may of your best friends) attended and love. It was a huge kick and a natural high filled with pride. Never underestimate how hard these players and coaches work and how important it is for them to do well. I know fans will always be critical when it doesn't go right, but be just as quick with praise and celebrate when it goes right.

Looking Ahead to Next Year
In the coming days we will get back to recruiting coverage and looking ahead to spring football and next season. A couple of things to watch for. You could see some postion changes. We all know that Scott Broughton is going to get a try as a wide receiver, but Ricky Price could be going the other way. Price was a good defensive back in high school and may be looked at in the secondary this spring. When healthy and it should be in plenty of time for spring football, fans will likely get their wish and see some of Perrish Cox spotting on some plays on offense at wide receiver.

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