Donovan Woods Leads Team Brewer To Win

STILLWATER - The current philosophy in college football is that speed beats size and strength. In today's Super Bowl of competitive conditioning, an event that has become a tradition in the final week of offseason leading up to the start of spring football, wide receivers coach Gunter Brewer directed his team to a 34-29 win over the team coached by offensive line coach Joe Wickline.

Tuesday is competitive conditioning day throughout offseason workouts as the squad is divided up into eight teams, each coached by an assistant coach. The teams compete in a bracket format, head-to-head, in events like shuttle run, pro agility drill, tug-of-war, an agility hoops drill, two different bag drills, pulling a 300-pound sled, and a tractor tire flip.

Brewer's winning team included captain Donovan Woods, safety Clint Coe, wide receiver Anthony Parks, wide receiver Seth Newton, running back Julius Crosslin, linebacker Justin Gent, quarterback Alex Cate, defensive tackle Jeray Chatham, defensive tackle Tonga Tea, and defensive tackle Allen Oh.

Wickline's team included captain Bobby Reid, cornerback Calvin Mickens, cornerback T.J. Bell, linebacker Rodrick Johnson, tight end Paschal Smith, punter Cole Reynolds, defensive end Derek Burton, and offensive tackle Brady Bond.

Brewer's crew had a little more speed, and in the end that may have made the difference. The two teams fighting for the championship started at the shuttle run where Clint Coe got them off to a good start by beating Calvin Mickens by a step in the first of the eight matchups at the event. Each event features eight matchups except the tug-of-war where teams of four go against each other in four matchups that are worth two points each. Brewer's team took an early 7-1 lead in the shuttle run as Coe's win was followed by wins by Woods, Parks, Newton, Newton, Crosslin, and Gent.

The two teams split the pro agility drill with Bobby Reid beating Anthony Parks and Brady Bond decisioning Tonga Tea in key matchups.

The tug-of-war proved to be a great event for Wickline's team as they won three of the four matchups including one that lasted nearly three minutes. The score after three events was 13-11 in favor of Team Brewer.

The next three events, the hoops and both agility drills with the bags, were dominated by Brewer's team as they won each event 5-3 making the total score 28-20 heading to the final two events -- both of the power events, the sled pull and the tractor tire flip.

In a constant rivalry throughout the competition Reid was able to beat Woods on the sled, a grueling event that has the athletes pulling the 300-pound sled 40 yards. Paschal Smith and Derek Burton also posted wins, allowing Team Wickline a chance going to the final event. The score after seven events had Brewer leading Wickline 31-25.

The tire flip, which is also a 40-yard event with the athletes flipping the tire over and over until the finish, saw Team Wickline get out to a fast start, but wins by Clint Coe over Mickens and another win by Justin Gent set up Jeray Chatham with the clincher as he just edged Paschal Smith of Team Wickline. The final score was 34-29 for Team Brewer.

"Team effort! It was a team win today, every day," Brewer said afterwards. "We didn't have the most talented team but we didn't cut corners, did the little things right. Our team leader Mr. Woods did a good job of keeping everybody together and in the end we came through."

Woods was locked in a consistent rivalry with Bobby Reid of Team Wickline and the two really got after each other in nearly every event with Woods winning some and Reid winning some.

"It was like that all four or five weeks that we did it," said Woods. "There was great competition and guys understanding what it was about and competing. We had excellent competition."

One of the key teammates for Woods on Team Brewer was redshirt freshman linebacker Justin Gent, and Woods agreed that the competition for a player that sat out last season should really benefit them getting back in the habit of competing.

"After you red shirt it is a lot harder for you to get back into things, get ready to compete because you're doing so much scout team and stuff," said Woods. "Guys like Justin Gent, he was on a winning team and he did a great job of competing the whole time. He is going to help us out a lot this year."

Woods said the hardest event is the sled pull, except when you get into a long tug-of-war like the two teams did today. The easiest event is the pro agility. Those are the opinions of a free safety, but a defensive or offensive tackle might see it a little different.

The reward for the winning team was a new warm-up suit, not having to run after the competition day Tuesday, and Tuesday night at the training table there was lobster for the winners and for Joe DeForest's team, which finished last in the eight-team bracket, there were hot dogs.

Off-season workouts conclude at the end of this week and spring football practice starts on Monday. Practices are on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays with all practices open to the public.

The Orange-White Spring Game will be Saturday, April 14, with a 5:30 p.m. kickoff.

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