Spring Football Preview: Quarterbacks

This is the last installment in a series of previews by position as we approach the start of spring football on Monday.

We saved this position for last because it is really the position that would figure to change the least. The quarterback position is always going to be high profile ,and therefore there will always be support for the starting quarterback and when he slips up and has a sub-par game there will always be those fans quick to the trigger that want the back up quarterback to get his chance.

That happened last season with the Cowboys as Bobby Reid had a tremendous season, but still (as a sophomore) experienced some growing pains. Following Reid's injury early against Texas A&M, Zac Robinson came in and performed outstanding for a lightly experienced backup and the Cowboys, by all rights except for a last minute fourth quarter drive by A&M, should have won the game. Texas A&M won it in overtime 34-33. The rest of the season every time Reid struggled in the slightest fans wanted to see Robinson.

The truth of the situation is that Reid, a junior to be, is a very talented quarterback that according to head coach Mike Gundy and offensive coordinator Larry Fedora has shown signs he will improve even more based on his off season work. Robinson, a sophmore to be, has shown those same signs in the offseason. Gundy and Fedora say it is important this spring to get redshirt freshman Alex Cate plenty of reps and have him ready to play just in case.

You can expect Reid to be the starter. Gundy has said that the depth chart is firm in that regard, but they expect Robinson to continue pushing Reid. You can also expect Fedora, on a part-time basis, to continue finding ways that Robinson can factor in the offense with his athleticism.

What you should not expect is to see a quarterback controversy. What you also should not expect to see is Robinson moving fulltime to wide receiver, defensive back, returning kicks, or any other activity that would pull him away from his responsibilities as the second-team quarterback.

The depth chart is very clear and the situation is very tenuous. Quarterbacks are attacked by opposing defenses (check new defensive coordinator Tim Beckman's philosophy). When quarterbacks are the focus of the defensive attack injuries are possible. The Cowboys will be careful with their quarterbacks in spring. Green jerseys will be worn, and the hope is that with just three healthy scholarship signal callers that they will all stay healthy. The given should be that all three will be improved and that will make the offense even better than it was a season ago.

2007 Oklahoma State Spring Football Quarterback Depth Chart
14 Bobby Reid, 6-3, 235, Galena Park (North Shore), Texas
11 Zac Robinson, 6-3, 210, Littleton (Chatfield), Colo.
3 Alex Cate, 6-1, 200, Salt Lake City (Cottonwood), Utah

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