Cowboy Spring Football Notebook

Oklahoma State strength and conditioning coordinator Rob Glass said to expect the players to take another positive step following a second off season in his program and it was evident Monday. The squad, as a whole, looks extremely fit. There are no bellys and the players are able to go hard throughout practice with apparent ease. Quarterback Bobby Reid talked about how he felt after practice.

"I think I am a step further," said the 6-3, 235-pound Reid, who has gained close to 10 pounds but actually looks more trim. "I feel different, I feel lighter. I tried to diet for about four weeks, but that went through the roof. I tried to diet and I had to eat less greasy foods but eat more of the other foods to keep my metabolism going. At two or three in the morning I was going to McDonald's getting a double cheeseburger with Big Mac sauce. With all the running and workouts with Coach Glass that kind of molded me and shaped me a little bit so I'm all right."

New Terminolgy, New Signs
New defensive coordinator Tim Beckman was hired in time to put together a new defensive playbook. The actual defense doesn't change a lot. It is still a multiple 4-3 defense, but there are some changes in coverage and the terminolgy is new. That isn't a problem, but it is a challenge for the team of starting boundary cornerback Martel Van Zant and his sign language intrepretor Allie Lee. Van Zant is totally deaf and is reliant on Lee's ability to interpret instructions from Beckman and the other defensive coaches.

"It is all new terminology so I have had to learn a lot of things," said Lee. "It is a simpler terminology and Martel says it is easier, and he has picked it up with no problem. I'm having to pay pretty close attention."

The process seemed to go smooth on the first day of spring practice.

First Day Big Plays
Head coach Mike Gundy has asked the media to keep the writing of scheme to a minimum and keep stats limited to the scrimmages and the spring game, but big plays are always fun to talk about. Even though it was shorts and helmets and "kind of flag football," as Gundy called it, there were some big plays. We picked out two -- one for each side of the ball -- to share.

The offensive highlight was simple, a deep post down the middle of the field in which Seth Newton got open beating the defender and caught the Bobby Reid pass in stride for what likely would have been a close to 50-yard touchdown had it been real football.

Defensively, Martel Van Zant was covering Anthony Parks on a deep sideline route and made a leaping grab of a ball slightly overthrown and secured the interception. Gundy was in the middle of the field watching the play and quickly congratulated Van Zant on his extra effort interception.

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