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Coach Les Miles and standouts Rashaun Woods, Josh Fields and Elbert Craig give us something to ponder after 45-10 win over Northern Iowa University. Just how easy is Field's job with an All-American-esqe receiver in Woods? Find out what the Cowboy QB has to say.

Les Miles

 "I thought that we came out and did what we really had to do today to get on track. We came out convincingly. It wasn't perfect, but overall it's just what we needed."

 "Whether it proves anything, it says that we have the ability to be a good football team if we can go out and play dominant football."

Still haunted by La. Tech loss?

"Last week is gone, its not forgotten, but we're on into other things. This week we had to get this thing on track, and we did it and did so convincingly."

On Rashaun Woods…

"Rashaun Woods is playing awfully strong football in two outings. He has had about 19 catches and over 300 yards total offense. He's a special player and we're going to continue to go to him on a regular basis. Again tonight, he showed his abilities."

 "[NIU] started out not really worrying about Rashaun. They were playing a perimeter defense initially but not really playing one-on-one with Rashaun, so we took advantage of it. Then they started playing Rashaun more with two defenders and then we started running the football inside a little bit more. Rashaun Woods obviously plays an important part in our offense, but we have a number of weapons."

 Predictable outcome?

"We talked about being a dominant football team and I think at times that is how our guys played. I felt it was a predictable outcome."

On defensive effort…

"The defense just played their football. When you stop the rush like our defense did initially, they're gonna have to put the ball in the air, when they put the ball in the air it gives us an opportunity to see them as a single dimensional team. After their first drive that was predominantly through the air they started to rush the ball more and we stopped it."

On offensive rhythm…

"We are still a little banged at the tailback spot. If you watch the way they ran, there were some gimps there that hopefully in a week will not be there. But the good news is looking at the tailback spot. We figure to have 3 healthy tailbacks next week maybe for the first time since the day they reported."

"The offense has to continue to operate with balance - run and pass - and can't turn the ball over. As long as they do that we will be able to maintain this offense through a Big 12 season."

Who wants the first dance?

"I'm not really ready to dance on top of the table, but I can tell you that we came in here to play dominant football. We turned the ball over late, we had penalties that were not forgivable and looked sloppy at times. Those are the things we have to get corrected but it's a lot more fun to win."

 "I promise you this, if we do the right things, there will be some dancing on the tables. No breakdancing, just very slow motion dancing, you may think I'm just walking."

On Tatum Bell…

"I know he was a little hobbled." 

 "He has some tightness."

 Costly injuries overall?

"From what I know it could be significant injuries for two of our guys. Charlie Ward might have a serious injury but we will have to see, he's another guy we might lose for a week or two."

 "Our second team defense played I would guess 30 snaps. That was lot of time for some of these young linebackers and corners and safeties to play and that's just what you need. It gives you a chance to build some depth when you go into the Big 12 season."

"Offensively we would have liked to play more but we couldn't get it going with the second offense."

Rashaun Woods

 "Losing wasn't acceptable for this team, especially against these [NIU] guys. We knew we could come in and dominate and that's what we did."

Confidence booster after last week's loss?

"We've had the same amount of confidence even after that loss, we knew that we were a good football team. Louisiana Tech is a good team. We let one slip through the cracks, but we still have a lot of confidence and still want to be bowl bound."

 You da team superstar?

"I have to do what I can for the team. If they look for me to make a big play I really put the pressure on myself to make that play, and that is how I go about it."

Josh Fields

"We have two good quarters each game. We are still trying to progress and turn it into four quarters. Once we get through it I think that we will be a good ball team. That's our goal right now, we just need to put four quarters together."

On his amount of confidence in Rashaun…

"He is definitely the person that you look for. But then again, it is really easy to sit out there. I don't think that I got sacked one time tonight. That is a lot more comforting when you don't get sacked. If you just stay up and get the ball off you are going to have guys like him and T.D. (Bryant) make plays."

 "Throwing to him you are really confident. That 51-yarder I just kind of threw up. It wasn't even where it was supposed to be and he still got it. That is the confidence I'm sure any QB would like to have and thank goodness we have it here."

Overall thoughts…

"I don't know if the monkeys off our back. They are a good team, a good ball club. It was definitely needed at that time. The line was protecting awesome, I don't think I got rushed even. If you just have time to get it to guys like Rashaun they're gonna make plays no matter how bad of a ball it was. Receivers make QB's look good."

 "Coming into the game we just wanted to dominate the game. That was our goal the whole week was to come in and dominate the whole entire game. We started off slow, which stinks for us, but it was real productive. We haven't put up that many points in a while. Definitely boosts our offense up, knowing we scored 36 last game and scored that many this game. Were feeling real good right now, we definitely needed that coming into this [next] week."


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