Cowboy Spring Football Notebook

Talking to several players the most frequent destination for spring break was home. Linebacker Donovan Woods said he spent his time at home in Oklahoma City, and the same goes for wide receiver Jeremy Broadway and safety Ricky Price, who were both in Houston.

"I stayed on the sofa all week and watched basketball on TV," said Broadway. "Oh, and I ate."

Wide receiver Adarius Bowman made it to Houston, Padre Island, and home to Chattanooga, Tenn., but we didn't hear any beach stories from Bowman. Apparently there were some stories and several players tried to relay them to the head coach, but he wasn't interested.

"They started to tell me one in the team meeting and I refused to listen to it," said Cowboy head coach Mike Gundy. "They tried to guide me into certain stories and I didn't let them because I've got enough to worry about without having to hear spring break stories. I'm just glad they are all back and healthy."

As for Gundy and the rest of the coaching staff there were some travelers with Florida being the most frequent destination. Assistant head coach Joe DeForest and offensive line coach Joe Wickline both went to the "Sunshine State" as did the head coach and his family.

"I went to Orlando, Fla., with the whole group (family)," said Gundy. "There were quite a few people that talked to me about Disney World with a 10-, five,- and a two-year-old, but we did fine. The two-year-old did great and we were fortunate, no flight delays and no problems. We went to the theme parks and water parks and stuff, let the kids have fun. It is a full day from seven a.m. to 10 p.m. I enjoy getting away for four or five days twice a year with my family."

When told that Georgia head coach Mark Richt took his entire staff to Costa Rica, Gundy had this response. "He's on a different budget than we are," laughed Gundy.

The Cowboys open next season on Sept. 1 at Georgia.

Salaries Up; Publicity Unwanted
The news was good that came out this weekend in the state newspapers regarding Oklahoma State coaches and their salaries, new raises, and for some, contract extensions. However, it was news several coaches said they would just as soon not have read in the paper. One coach said, "I would have preferred it not be in there, but it is public knowledge. You just don't like seeing your salary out there for everyone to see."

Gundy wasn't sure the numbers in the paper were correct."You were off on that (salaries). You have to research that more," Gundy said to reporters of the published salaries in the newspaper.

Here is what was reported in the Sunday's Tulsa World.

Head coach Mike Gundy
2006-07 salary: $800,000
2007-08 salary: $953,000
Contract through 2011

Offensive coordinator Larry Fedora
2006-07 salary: $258,000
2007-08 salary: $393,000
Contract through 2011

Asst. head coach Joe DeForest
2006-07 salary: $306,000
2007-08 salary: $319,000
Contract through 2010

Defensive coordinator Tim Beckman
2007-08 salary: $303,000
Contract through 2009

Offensive line coach Joe Wickline
2006-07 salary: $179,500
2007-08 salary: $213,000
Contract through 2011

Wide receivers coach Gunter Brewer
2006-07 salary: $163,750
2007-08 salary: $178,000
Contract through 2009

Linebackers coach Todd Bradford
2006-07 salary: $153,450
2007-08 salary: $178,000
Contract through 2009

Running backs coach Curtis Luper
2006-07 salary: $118,000
2007-08 salary: $148,000
Contract through 2009

Tight ends coach Doug Meacham
2006-07 salary: $118,000
2007-08 salary: $148,000
Contract through 2009

Defensive line coach Nelson Barnes
2006-07 salary: $118,000
2007-08 salary: $133,000
Contract through 2009

Scrimmage Rewind
On the final day before spring break the Cowboys went through a 97-play half scrimmage. Gundy gave some thoughts on the scrimmage that day, but was asked if he saw anything further and had any different opinions after being able to study the video of the scrimmage. As mentioned in the Monday practice report story, he liked what he saw out of third-team quarterback Alex Cate. Here were some of his other opinions.

"Defensively, our safeties didn't play the post (route) well," said Gundy. "We have some different coverages and they are not used to their reads yet. But for the most part just two plays, two out of 97 plays, the defense was in the right gap and running to the ball well, which is what I'm much more concerned about. They'll get the other part and clean that up as spring goes on.

"I'd mentioned (Jeremy) Nethon and he continues to make play and (Donovan) Woods, they put him in the outside linebacker position where he is playing closer to the ball and he made some nice plays," continued Gundy. "He actually got to the ball and played well. Rod Johnson made some plays at the standup defensive end position that they have him playing.

"Offensively, (besides Alex Cate) Artie Woods continues to make plays," added Gundy.

Bedlam Moves to Thankgiving Weekend
The Oklahoma State-Oklahoma football game, originally scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 27, has been moved to Saturday, Nov. 24, the Big 12 Conference announced Monday. The Bedlam game will be played for the third consecutive year, and for the seventh time in the last nine years, on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

"Obviously, I think it's us cooperating with the conference and the TV affiliates," Gundy said of the move. "I think it's good for college football on the Thanksgiving weekend. "I'm not sure it factors (the game) one way or the other. From what I understand it is going to be that way for a long time (through 2015). What it does is in a 12-game schedule it gives you a bye week."

For Oklahoma State the bye week will come after its eighth straight game, a home game with Kansas State. After the bye week on Oct. 27 the Cowboys will finish with home games against Texas (Nov. 3) and Kansas (Nov. 10) before closing out on the road at Baylor (Nov. 17) and then the game at Oklahoma.

"We're looking forward to building our depth up, but when you don't have a lot of depth sometimes you need a bye week to get somebody healthy," added Gundy. "I think it is pretty much going to be a custom playing them on Thanksgiving weekend anyway."

The date change was agreed upon by both schools, the Big 12 Conference office and the league's television partners.

The Bedlam game will be one of four Big 12 Conference contests guaranteed for broadcast that weekend by either ABC of Fox Sports Network, according to the Big 12 Conference. Other Big 12 games scheduled for that weekend include Missouri at Kansas, Texas at Texas A&M, and Nebraska at Colorado.

The game time for Bedlam will be determined at a later date depending on television.

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