Spring Practice Notebook

One of the latest Cowboy defenders to join the fraternity of black shirts on defense is junior defensive tackle Jeray Chatham. The former offensive lineman turned defensive tackle got his black practice jersey in time for last Friday's scrimmage. He is the eighth of the defenders to earn the jersey signifying great effort on and off the field, and doing what the coaching staff expects him to do.

"It was good," said Chatham. "Working hard every day and just giving credit to all my teammates that keep on pushing me, Marque and everybody."

Marque Fountain and Murice Cummings are the two other defensive linemen that wear the black jerseys. Linebackers Donovan Woods and Jeremy Nethon, along with defensive backs Jacob Lacey, Quinton Moore, and Martel Van Zant (the first black shirt) are all part of it. The goal is to get the whole defense in black, symbolic of where the players want the defense to be next season -- in the black and not in the red and in owing the rest of the team.

"It's tough but we've got to get it done," said Chatham. "It's like a must, and in order for this defense to be what we want it to be it has to start with the front four. We just have to keep on working together as a team. We're getting it done, but we've got to keep getting better."

Interesting Potential Walk-on
An interested and interesting observer of practice Monday was Doyle Harris. The 6-5, 270-pound Harris is a native of England, living in a suburb of London. Harris's father was a swimmer at Oklahoma State during his college days when OSU still fielded a swim team. Harris plays rugby back in England and plans on coming to school at Oklahoma State and is interested in walking on and taking a shot at American football.

Harris paid close attention to the drills, especially on the defensive side of the ball. He was shown around practice by coordinator of football operations Robert Matthews. Harris was in Stillwater with his mother and his aunt. No promises were made when he departed but he sure looked like a guy that was looking forward to coming back.

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