Cowboy Spring Practice Notes

With about 30 minutes left to go in practice OSU vice president and Cowboys athletic director Mike Holder walked out to the practice with head basketball coach Sean Sutton. That should have served as a visual answer to whether Sean Sutton is looking at the Arkansas job as has been speculated in a wide variety of media.

Holder was asked by Cowboys radio analyst and KOTV sports director John Holcomb if he had been contacted by anybody at Arkansas asking permission to talk to Sutton about their job which was just vacated Tuesday by Creighton coach Dana Altman, just one day after he was introduced as the new Razorbacks coach. Holder said he had not heard from anybody at Arkansas.

Holder and Sutton looked like two interested fans out to watch what is going on with the Cowboys football team this spring, which is an accurate observation. However, after the practice football head coach Mike Gundy couldn't help from joking with the media about the Sutton sighting on the practice field. Especially with all the media speculation that Sutton might be involved with the Arkansas vacancy.

"I didn't think so because he was at our practice today," said Gundy, joking with the media about speculation that Sutton is being pursued for the Arkansas basketball vacancy. "He was either out here shaking hands or telling everybody good bye."

Gundy and Sutton have been friends as both have followed similar paths as Cowboy athletes and assistant coaches in rising to their current positions.

Young Black Shirts
Two more black shirts were added to the defensive unit for the Cowboys, and the two newest are two of the youngest as sophomores-to-be Perrish Cox and Patrick Lavine brought the count up to 10 black shirts. Martel Van Zant, Marque Fountain, Quinton Moore, Donovan Woods, Jeremy Nethon, Maurice Cummings, Jacob Lacey and Jaray Chatham were previous recipients of the jersey which signify great effort in the minds of the coaches.

Cox is splitting time with Lacey at the field cornerback position, and Lavine is running first team at the middle linebacker position.

"It's good," said Lavine. "I should have had one early on but I've been playing bad. I've learned the plays better through film study and I've earned myself one now."

It may seem like a simple thing to observers, but the black shirt award is a concept the players have totally bought into.

"It is hard work coming out every day practicing hard, scrimmaging, and film study, so the ones that have one is encouragement for those that don't have one. I know it was that way for me," Lavine said.

Spring Game Decision
For all those fans that have been wondering about the spring game and whether it will be exciting enough to attend, the head coach is on your side. Mike Gundy has asked that Cowboys fans show up in big numbers -- 30,000 or more to celebrate the conclusion of spring football and look ahead to what is expected to be a stronger Cowboy team for the 2007 season next fall.

Gundy wants Cowboy fans to get the show they want on April 14 at 5:30 p.m."What do you think the fans want to do?" asked Gundy about the format for the spring game on April 14.

Gundy basically said they could do the game like they did last season with the first team and top reserves playing the rest of the squad, and spot the squad team points on the scoreboard. Another option is having the first team offense goes up against the second team defense, and the second team offense face the first team defense. Or, a third option, is they could draft two equal teams.

"I'm going to do the draft myself, make my own trades," said Gundy. "When you do that (a draft) you have to be more vanilla because you are going to have guys playing that wouldn't normally be playing a lot. You have to cut back a little bit because of continuity, but you do have a real Orange-White game."

The media kind of suggested putting the first unit on each side of the ball with the second unit on the other side to make up the teams, but Gundy isn't as interested in what the media wants.

"It is interesting to me to see what the people want," said Gundy. "I think we are either going to do it the second or third way. The third way (drafting two equal teams) I think the people would like to see because you split them up and have a more equal game."

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