Hoops Recruiting: Is Moses Ready To Sign?

Marshall Moses of the Patterson School is expected to become the fifth player in Oklahoma State's signing class on Wednesday. The 6-7, 235-pound forward will join early signees James Anderson, Martavious Adams, Nick Sidorakis and Ibrahima Thomas as future Cowboys. We visited with Moses on Sunday evening as the first day of the spring signing day approaches this Wednesday.

Moses averaged 16 points and 10 rebounds a game this past season at Patterson. He scored 49 points in the school's opener. "What I was most impressed with with Marshall this season was that I really enjoyed watching his development and his maturity," said Patterson School head coach Terry Truax. "He still has a long ways to go, but now he realizes that.

"He can play both the three and the four (positions)," continued Truax, the former collegiate head coach at Towson State. "The way Oklahoma State guards (people), he's going to have to get a little more zoom-zoom and step it up a notch. He's going to have to play all out on every possession because that's the way Oklahoma State plays.

"But there is no doubt in my mind that Oklahoma State does not need to apologize for signing him. He's a solid prospect. He is not, by any stretch of the imagination, overrated," Truax continued.

Enough of what his head coach has to say about him. Here's the transcript from Sunday night's visit with Moses:

Has anything changed or do you still plan to sign Wednesday with Oklahoma State?
Moses: Yes, that's the plan. I talked to Coach (Sean) Sutton, I think it was Friday, and he said the papers will be here before Wednesday. He asked me if I was ready to sign, and I told him I was.

What have you been doing since the basketball season came to an end?
Moses: I've been working out and working on my game, and been taking care of my schoolwork.

How much time to you spend working on your game?
Moses: I'm on spring break right now, until April 21, so I'm home. I try to work out twice a day – once in the morning and then again in the evening when my brother gets home from work.

When do you graduate?
Moses: May 19.

What are you plans after May 19?
Moses: I'm heading to Stillwater on June 5 to start summer school.

Do you remember when you first knew without a doubt that you were going to Oklahoma State?
Moses: Yes, I do (while laughing). It was probably about halftime of the Oklahoma State-Oklahoma game (on Jan. 22 in which Moses was making his official visit). During the visit I really enjoyed myself and getting to know the fans, players and coaches. It was a great experience. After seeing that and being a part of that atmosphere by halftime of that game I realized that's where I wanted to be.

What do you remember about that game and the atmosphere inside Gallagher-Iba Arena?
Moses: It was so loud, and how exciting it was. I couldn't even hear myself cheer during the game, or when I was trying to talk to the person right beside me. The fans really, really care about basketball out there, and they were excited the whole game. It was a great time. I'm looking forward to playing there.

You grew up in South Carolina and have attended some ACC games the past few years. How did the atmosphere inside Gallagher-Iba Arena compare with what you've seen and heard in the ACC?
Moses: I've been to several Wake Forest games, and I've been to Carolina's Late Night Madness. All those places the atmosphere is crazy, but the thing about Oklahoma State and what separates it is the level of comfort. At Wake, Carolina or Florida State, where I visited, all of those places you can feel the atmosphere but I didn't feel the comfort. At Oklahoma State, it was a family atmosphere and it felt like I had already been to school there. I already felt like I was a part of the family.

Coach Truax made some unflattering comments about you that appeared in the Lexington newspaper a few days after you committed to Oklahoma State. What were your thoughts when you first read those comments?
Moses: (laughing) When I first read it I was a little upset. But then I thought about it and I know that he's the kind of coach that will say things to get his players motivated. He's been coaching for a long time, and he said that the last time he's seen a player with the kind of talent that I have was when he coached Adrian Dantley. I don't know Adrian Dantley but I guess he was an NBA All-Star ... He says that I'm a lot like him. He says that one thing I have a problem with is staying motivated and playing hard all the time. He said that he wanted to motivate me. He felt by doing that that it would motivate me, which it did. We played a game that night and I played really, really well, and he told me afterwards that's why he'd done it. He said that was the most forward he'd even been with a player, and he doesn't mind being the bad guy if that's how I was going to play.

What's the latest on qualifying academically?
Moses: Right now I'm just trying to make sure that when the report cards come out that my grades are good. The last time I took the SAT I scored a 1320. I'm just waiting for the report cards to come out to see where my SAT score matches up with it. I'm taking the SAT again in early May.

Do you feel confident that with your SAT score and grades that you'll qualify?
Moses: I think I will.

At what age did you realize you were going to be a good basketball player?
Moses: I don't know. Even today, I play just because I love to play. I guess it would probably be since about the seventh grade. I've been playing varsity since the seventh grade. I think I'm just now getting to the stage where I think I can be a good player.

What do you think you need to work on in order to contribute as a freshman at OSU?
Moses: I think I need to work on consistency, like Coach Truax talked about. I think I proved this season that I can play with pretty much anybody but sometimes I go out and play well ... like the first game of the season I went out and scored 50 points, and a few games later I finished with something like 14 or 16 points. I just want to be consistent at Oklahoma State. I know they've got some great players already there, and I just want to be consistent for those guys.

What college or pro player do you try to emulate? Why?
Moses: LeBron James because he's one of the most athletic players I've ever seen. I've had a chance to work out with LeBron twice the past two summers.

What did you remember about working out with LeBron?
Moses: His work ethic. He works like a horse. He's always the first one in the gym and when everyone is finished he's still working. He just goes harder than everyone else.

What play or game will you always remember from your high school career?
Moses: Last year in the City of Palms (tournament) down in Florida I did a between the legs dunk in a game. It wasn't my first time to do it in a game but it was probably the highest I jumped, although I had a few this year too. But last year it was in a packed gym and I jumped from almost the free-throw line. I had no idea I was going to do it before I jumped but we had a fast break and the opportunity was right.

What's going to happen if you do that next season in front of nearly 14,000 OSU fans?
Moses: It will be crazy. If they can get that crazy in a high school gym for a high school game I'm pretty sure that Oklahoma State fans will be just as crazy, and that's what I plan to do if I get a chance because that's my favorite dunk.

Who is your real-life hero? Why?
Moses: I'm a really strong Christian, and so is my family, so I would have to say Jesus Christ. That's the type of person I am. I look up to Jesus. I do a lot of reading and studying the Bible. I know you're probably meaning a person here on earth but I feel like I'd be a sellout if I didn't say Jesus.

What are you goals for your first year at Oklahoma State?
Moses: My first year I plan to work hard for my teammates, Coach Sutton and the rest of the staff, and do whatever I'm asked to do. I definitely want to be a factor. I want to start but I realize that I'm going to be a freshman and they've got some great talent already there, but I want to get on the floor and play hard and help them get back to the (NCAA) tournament.

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