Hoops Recruiting: Garrett Talks About OSU

Brad Garrett is one of the most sought after junior college players left in the spring signing period. The 6-5 shooting guard averaged a team-best 15.8 points and was the third-leading rebounder (5.3 a game) in helping the College of Southern Idaho to a 30-7 record. Garrett made an official visit to Oklahoma State this past weekend, and GoPokes.com caught up with him early Sunday evening.

Question: How was your visit to Oklahoma State?
Garrett: It was good. They showed me around campus, and let me hang out with some of the guys. I met with the athletic director (Mike Holder) and the academic adviser (Marilyn Middlebrook), and also got to meet some of the professors.

Question: What was the highlight of the weekend?
Garrett: The whole trip was pretty cool. I really enjoyed being around the coaches and players. I'd heard a lot about the arena so when I saw it that was pretty cool. They told me stories about how loud it gets and how awesome it is to play in the arena.

Question: Did you spend most of your time with one player?
Garrett: I hung out with JamesOn (Curry) but really I spent most of my time with the whole team. On Friday night we went out to Coach Sean's house and ate, and then Saturday night after the football game we ate at Coach (James) Dickey's.

Question: This is the second of four official visits (Garrett visited BYU last weekend, has a trip scheduled for Kansas next weekend, and plans to make his fourth and final visit to Oregon). What answers are you seeking on your visits?
Garrett: I'm just trying to get a feel for what the school has to offer, and where I would fit in on the team. You want to find out what the players are like and how well you'd fit in.

Question: How do you think you'd fit in at Oklahoma State?
Garrett: They've been telling me that they really need a shooter and I think that's true (he got to watch the Cowboys play a pick-up game Saturday afternoon prior to the spring football game). They have some quick guards who can penetrate and spread the defense, and I could see myself fitting in as someone they could kick the ball out to to hit the outside shot.

Question: How did the trip to Oklahoma State compare to your visit to BYU?
Garrett: It wasn't much different. From a coaching standpoint, it was just being around different style of people. I really don't know how to explain it. But really it was pretty much the same. I got to meet the coaches and players, we talked about academics and I got to see the facilities.

Question: Can you try to explain what you meant by the coaching staffs being different?
Garrett: They're not different as far as coaching any better or worse. It's just the belief standards and what I'm used to (Garrett grew up in Utah and was raised in the Mormon church, and spent two years on a Mormon mission before attending college).

Question: Was this your first time to ever visit Oklahoma?
Garrett: Yes.

Question: Were you surprised by anything you saw?
Garrett: Not really. It was kinda cool to see how much support Oklahoma State gets in Stillwater. I wasn't prepared to see all the ‘Go Cowboys' every where. You can definitely tell they live for their orange and black down there.

Question: How would you sum up your visit?
Garrett: It was a good trip. I enjoyed myself. It's a good school and a good program.

Question: Did you make any decisions while you were in Stillwater?
Garrett: No. I will visit Kansas this weekend and then Oregon the Tuesday and Wednesday the week after that.

Question: How soon to you expect to decide where you'll sign to play?
Garrett: I'll sit down and make a decision after my trip to Oregon.

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