Curry Declares For NBA Draft

STILLWATER - Oklahoma State junior guard JamesOn Curry said Friday that he has decided to enter his name for the 2007 NBA Draft, but will not sign with an agent and could return to OSU for his senior season if he withdraws his name by June 18.

"It's always been my dream (to play in the NBA), so I'm pursuing it," said the 6-3 Curry, who averaged 17.3 points per game and led the Cowboys in assists during the 2006-07 season. "I'm just going to test the waters. I'm entering with the option to come back to school."

Curry said that he sent in the necessary paperwork to enter the NBA Draft on Friday. The deadline for underclassmen to declare for the draft is Sunday. The Pleasant Grove, N.C., native hopes to receive an invitation to the NBA pre-draft camp in Orlando, scheduled from May 28 through June 5. "You want to go just to see where you rank. You never know what's going to happen," said Curry.

Here is's one-on-one interview Friday with Curry:

By declaring for the NBA Draft it's really a no-lose situation for you, isn't it?
Curry: It's a win-win situation. I'm just approaching it with the right attitude and an open mind. I'm not going into it with the mind that I'm going to be in the NBA next year, or I'm not going into the situation that I'm coming back to college next year. I'm going into it with an open mind.

Do you know for sure that you'll be invited to the NBA pre-draft camp in Orlando?
Curry: I got an inner circle that I'm working with, my coaches… I'm pretty sure I'll get invited.

What do you hope to accomplish if you get invited?
Curry: Just to see where you're at. To see where you stand against every body else.

If you had to put a percentage on whether you'll be playing in the NBA or playing at OSU next year, what would that percentage be?
Curry: No comment. I don't know. I've never been in this situation before. I'm just going to go in there and do my best. It's all foreign to me.

Is there a position in the draft – say the first round – that would guarantee you would go forward and not withdraw your name?
Curry: Yeah, the first round. Coach Sean (Sutton) even said that if I'm a first-round choice that I should leave, but not if I'm something like the 55th pick in the second round.

If the NBA people tell you that you're good enough to be selected in the second round you'll plan on coming back to OSU for your senior season, correct?
Curry: Yeah, that's probably right.

What do you think you can show them to convince them you deserve to be a first-round draft choice?
Curry: I'm just planning to play my game, and see what I can get out of it. If they don't want you, then I'll know why and know what to work on. They'll say, ‘You need to stay in the draft or you need to go back to school.' It's kind of the situation where you got to have the right people around you, and not just people telling you to go, go, go, go. It's my life and it's a big decision, so I'm definitely going to take the right procedures.

You know what type of player you are, what your strengths and weaknesses are on the court, so what do you think you need to work on to get to the NBA?
Curry: (Increase) my strength … everything actually. I need to work on everything. I need to improve my game in every aspect. I need to go in there with a heady attitude and have some court savvy.

Would it surprise you if they told you after the Orlando camp that you need to stay in the draft because you're going to be a first-round pick?
Curry: No, it wouldn't surprise me because I've never doubted myself. I know I've got the game. If it ain't this year, it will be next year. It's just going there and playing, and doing what you do best.

What position do you expect to play in the NBA?
Curry: Point guard. I played point guard at the beginning of the season a lot, and then when (Byron) Eaton started playing well I moved over to the two guard, and then at the end of the year I started playing point guard again. I think I showed that I can play point guard, score and distribute the ball. I think I'm underrated as a point guard, to tell you the truth.

What are you plans when you finish up your course work?
Curry: I'm already done. I finished up this week. I'll leave sometime next week and go to Houston to work out until June 4.

When do you think you'll know whether you'll stay in the draft or if you'll be withdrawing your name?
Curry: There's a new rule that you've got to go to (the pre-draft) camp before teams can work you out. After (the pre-draft camp) maybe I'll get some invitations to work out for some teams, so I think I'll know for sure by June 15 or 16.

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